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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My 2012 in review

Hi everyone.  Well, I decided I should actually do a little bit of my 2012 in review because, well, all the cool kids are!

So, lets take a look at some of the things I had go on this both writing and not writing-wise

1. I continued to publish with some great publishers that I LOVE and I added one more to the bunch that I'd not been with before.

2. I moved across the country from New Jersey to Texas.  I miss New Jersey, NYC, and the people I left there. But,  I love Texas so far and the people here are amazing. 

3. I started a weight-loss program that I intend to keep up with in 2013

4. I read a ton of good books

5. I took my kids (and my husband) on a Nickelodeon Cruise. We had a great time. The kids still talk about wanting to go back all the time.

6. I tried to do a lot of things that scare me.  Even if they continue to scare me because I think thats what make me continue to move forward. By this, I mean fly, go to the doctor, and not rush from the room every time I see a spider. 

Plans for 2013

Who knows? I had no idea I'd be living in Texas now.  I hope to keep writing and see where things take me!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make it a healthy and happy one. 

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  1. Is there an ending to the Kane family or is Rex and Liz's story the end?