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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Love In One Night Has Released!

Please buy it wherever you buy your ebooks!

Melanie is a woman prepared for disaster. If the world as she knows it were to come grinding to a disastrous halt, her sustainable living community will be ready and able to take care of the people in their area. She doesn't have a man in her life anymore, but she has her daughter and that's enough.

Until a tall, dark stranger drives into her life.

Griffith is on a mission to find Melanie's ex-husband Victor, who has stolen a very expensive new drug from a pharmaceutical company. Griffith is a man who can find what others can't. He never backs down from a fight and he's never afraid—until he sees Melanie. She steals his breath and makes him wish for things he's never wanted before.

These two people are prepared for everything, except the depth of their own need for one another.

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, End of the World

Heat level: 4
Word count – 14k

Cover art by Tibbs Designs


“You didn’t get the message when I didn’t return one single phone call you made that perhaps I did not wish to speak to you?”
She turned on her heel like a woman on a mission and stalked away from him. He couldn’t help the small grin that crossed his lips. She might live on some kind of hippie compound but Melanie Driscoll behaved exactly like every other woman he’d ever met when it came to him. She turned and walked the other way.
“Well now, Melanie.” He walked at a brisk pace to catch up with her. “I’m afraid you have to speak with me. I’ve been paid to find Victor, and find him, I will.”
She stopped her advance and whirled around to regard him. “I am not married to Victor anymore. However, I have no intention of discussing him with complete strangers who come looking for him.”
Still in love with the man, then. Good information for him to have.
“Look.” He hated to have to talk to her like this. Living in this place, she must be a gentle soul, the kind of person who didn’t believe in using antibiotics and refused to step on spiders. “I’m easy, okay? The pharmaceutical company Victor stole from sent me to find him. I’m not the police or the FBI or any kind of more notorious group who means him harm. They want their drug back. If I can find it, things might go okay for good old Victor. If I can’t, they will still find him, only it’ll be a less pleasant individual than me. The next person who comes might not be gentle.”
Melanie put her hands on her hips, not looking particularly intimidated by his statement. “Are you threatening me?”
He raised his hands up in a motion of surrender. “Not me. I would never.”
“But others might.”

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