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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Life of the Author...or at least this One.

1. Write the book.
2. Obsess about the characters, the plot, the flow.
3. Send the book to critique partners (sometimes this is done chapter by chapter, in my case.)
4. Wait for responses.
5. Edit.
6. Obsess.
7. Submit the book for publication.
8. Bite nails. Eat.  Drink. Bite Nails.  You see the pattern.
9. Obsess.
10. Hear back from the publisher.
   A. If YES proceed to step 11.
   B. If No, go back to step 5-7
   C. If Revise and Resubmit return to step 5.
11. Send in contract forms, cover art forms, editing forms.
12. Wait.
13. Start writing next book.
14. Temporarily return to step 1.
15. Receive Edits.  Read them.
16. Obsess.
17. Do edits. E-mail them back in.
18. Temporarily Return to step 1.
19. Receive more edits.
20. Do them.
**Some time in here receive Cover Art. Post Cover Art. Obsess.**
21. Receive Release Date
22. Set up Promo. Do Marketing Plan.
23. Release Day.
24. Unleash Marketing Plan on World.
25. Try to stay off Amazon rankings and Goodreads.
26. Obsess
27. Hope Family doesn't mind all the obsessing.
28. Return to Step 1


  1. This sounds like so much fun when you list it all out like that.

    No wonder we don't need money to keep us doing this.

  2. We need the money for new fingernails! All this obsessing keeps us chewing on them!