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Friday, February 13, 2015

When Hell Freezes Has Released

Hey everyone

Rebecca here! Very excited to announce the release of When Hell Freezes (Black Hills Wolves #6).  If you have missed previous newsletters about the Black Hills Wolves, this is a multi-authored wolf pack.  I wrote the first book in it, called Wolf Returns and now I am back again with When Hell Freezes the sixth book in the series. Between the first and the sixth, there are incredible books to check out by authors Heather Long, D.L. Jackson, Taryn Kincaid and M. Limoges.  After this one, they’ll even be more fun stories to come before I come back out again with another story.

Colt Hannigan returns to the Black Hills Wolves Pack a changed and determined wolf. Thrown out after he stood against the former Alpha, he has no love for Drew Tao, the current Alpha. Colt plans to challenge Drew for leadership of the pack—until he lays eyes on Tasha, the woman he thought dead but whom he never forgot.

Permanently scarred after stepping between Colt and the former Alpha of the pack, Tasha survived for years by keeping her head down. Colt’s return is everything she’s desired, but she wants to live in a calm world surrounded by love, not another battle for dominance, which could destroy the newly-healed pack.

 Can Tasha convince Colt to find peace in her arms? Will the Black Hills Wolves pack survive outside attacks if they cannot mend the internal injuries of the past?

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