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Friday, February 13, 2015

When Hell Freezes Has Released

Hey everyone

Rebecca here! Very excited to announce the release of When Hell Freezes (Black Hills Wolves #6).  If you have missed previous newsletters about the Black Hills Wolves, this is a multi-authored wolf pack.  I wrote the first book in it, called Wolf Returns and now I am back again with When Hell Freezes the sixth book in the series. Between the first and the sixth, there are incredible books to check out by authors Heather Long, D.L. Jackson, Taryn Kincaid and M. Limoges.  After this one, they’ll even be more fun stories to come before I come back out again with another story.

Colt Hannigan returns to the Black Hills Wolves Pack a changed and determined wolf. Thrown out after he stood against the former Alpha, he has no love for Drew Tao, the current Alpha. Colt plans to challenge Drew for leadership of the pack—until he lays eyes on Tasha, the woman he thought dead but whom he never forgot.

Permanently scarred after stepping between Colt and the former Alpha of the pack, Tasha survived for years by keeping her head down. Colt’s return is everything she’s desired, but she wants to live in a calm world surrounded by love, not another battle for dominance, which could destroy the newly-healed pack.

 Can Tasha convince Colt to find peace in her arms? Will the Black Hills Wolves pack survive outside attacks if they cannot mend the internal injuries of the past?

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Rebecca Royce

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Elite Metal Released!

Hello everyone,

I am so excited to announce the release of the Elite Metal Box Set.  This is Eight cohesive stories by myself and authors Roxie Rivera, Sabrina York, Jennifer Kacey, Anna Alexander, Heather Long, and Saranna DeWylde.

Eight novels from some New York Times, USA Today and award winning bestselling authors! Eight individual novels that create one giant book! One story leading into the next into the next! This is like no other boxed set you've ever seen before!!!!!!!!

Bound by Steele - Jennifer Kacey and Anna Alexander

Chrome's Salvation - Jennifer Kacey

Adamantium's Roar - Anna Alexander

Pure Copper - Heather Long

Sterling's Seduction - Sabrina York

Platinum's Choice - Rebecca Royce

Mercury's Poison - Saranna DeWylde

Forged in Silver - Roxie Rivera

For decades the US Marines funded a top-secret unit known as Elite Recon. A deadly group of men and women sent to infiltrate dozens of countries completely undetected. Mission objectives so extreme casualties were not only probable, but expected.

The current batch of operatives had returned from hundreds of assignments unscathed…until one mission went horribly wrong. Several men lost their lives and the group disbanded. The remaining leathernecks were scattered in the wind with new identities.They were told to blend in. Be normal.Or face being forever silenced just like their fallen brothers.

Now, two years later, each living member of the group is kidnapped and given a chance to make things right. But this time they’re no longer under the thumb of Uncle Sam. A mysterious private backer who knows about their past has brought them back together. No longer are they forced to turn a blind eye to the lost and forsaken.

Duty is their salvation.

A new life. A new future…Elite Metal.

Bound by Steele - Jennifer Kacey and Anna Alexander - To save his Marine brothers and sister he must accept the past isn’t dead and buried. Reuniting survivors means he is forced to first forgive…the enemy.

Chrome's Salvation - Jennifer Kacey - A former leader of Elite Recon, reduced to nothing more than an apathetic existence. Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance…now nothing will stand in the way of him coming back to life.

Adamantium's Roar - Anna Alexander - Adamantium left Beth to what he thought was a better life, only to find she had been living in hell. Now he’ll do anything, break any vow, to claim her as his for all time.

Pure Copper - Heather Long - Copper will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means seducing and betraying the one man who really sees her.

Sterling's Seduction - Sabrina York - When a snoopy reporter threatens the Elite Metal, Sterling will do whatever it takes to kill her story about the team. Even if it means he has to tie her to his bed.

Platinum's Choice - Rebecca Royce - Platinum left the life he had with Rose in New York to rejoin his team and silence the nightmares from Operation Phoenix. But when Rose is forced to go on the run with Platinum’s hidden son, he will have no choice but to return to his old life and reclaim what he has ached for every day since. Red Wolf’s sniper wants to nudge Plat’s underbelly and they’re going to find out quickly how deadly he can be.

Mercury's Poison - Saranna DeWylde - A scarred, mad genius more monster than man must protect the beauty he's become obsessed with from a beast more terrible than himself.

Forged in Silver - Roxie Rivera - Rebel. Nomad. Troublemaker.

All Romance Ebooks

It is available at Barnes and Noble but as I write this, the link has not gone live but if Barnes and Noble is your vendor of choice, please go there and find it. 

I hope you’ll check out this amazing box set that I was blown away to be asked to be a part of.  It is fun, hot, intense, and unforgettable.

Rebecca Royce