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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RWA...Day #1 recap

I made great time across the bridge although I was halted in getting to my destination because there was a Tranformers premiere thing-y going on right down the block from the hotel. It took me, literally, twice the time to go three blocks to get around it than it had to travel over the George Washington Bridge and cross town from 79th street. By the time I valet parked the car and waited on the very long line to check in, its about 4:30.

Liia Ann White calls me and after I gave her the wrong floor for registration, we actually met up and registered for the conference. Lots of goodies in our bags and as we're looking at them, one of the hotel staff comes and yells at us that we're stopped in an area where we're not supposed to be stopped. It was kind of odd but apparently everyone watching felt it was weird too because we immediately started meeting people (from Ontario) who were there for the conference and couldn't believe what had happened.

The line for the book signing was way too long (I love Nora Roberts but I couldn't wait on that line all day) so we ventured out onto the street to walk around. This is Liia's first time in NYC ever. But the crowd at the terminator premiere is off-putting (A lot of crazed people wanting to see Shia LaBeuf, I guess) and the humidity was getting kind of bad so we walked back in the hotel.

Now, a word about the elevators here. You have to dial in the floor you want to go to on a large pad and then the pad tells you which elevator you may take. Once in the elevator, there are no buttons to push floors so if you haven't dialed your own floor you are stuck going to whichever one that elevator is going to.

We travelled up the eighth floor and went to the bar. (Most of the rest of the day will be spent at the bar. LOL) After consuming a lovely beverage, we sought out some dinner where we met a lovely author named Jane and invited her to join us. We ate dinner and went upstairs to the First Timers Orientation.

Liia is super nice and very friendly, which made all of this running around much more pleasant. Lisa Fox arrived (awesome lady) and joined us at the orientation. We were three giggling and talking in the back. Yes, I was that person yesterday. Very unlike me. LOL. When it was over, we went back down to the bar where we drank some more and met some more people. Taryn Kincaid arrived from dinner and we got to hang out with her too. (She is incredible!)

Then, I tuckered out. I guess it was after eleven at that point and I made my way back upstairs. Now, today has started out with the toilet in my room breaking, which I guess I'm going to have to call someone about now. Oh sigh. But, I'm looking forward to a day of learning a ton of stuff, which should be fantastic.

Happy Day everyone!!

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