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Thursday, June 30, 2011

RWA...Day #2 Recap

Yesterday, I woke up at around 7 AM and went down to the Goodies room to meet up with Lisa Fox and Liia Ann White. In the Goodies room, I got a ton of cool swag. (I will never be without a pen again!) And there was LARA ADRIAN. I didn't say anything, I just stared like an idiot but it was so exciting to see her.

There was a big morning meeting going on about RWA in general but we were late to get there so we went, instead, to the subway and went downtown to SOHO and had breakfast at Balthazar and coffee at Dean and Deluca. It was nice to get out of Time Square for a while. Lisa and Liia are the nicest people and we really had a lot of fun together.

We got back in time to go to the luncheon, which was fun. We got to meet some people from the DC RWA and they were really nice ladies. After lunch, we went to the Body Language seminar, which was fascinating and funny. We learned about how people flirt, what men do, what women do, and what the truth about flirting actually is. People were called up to demonstrate things and the time just flew through that seminar. I really learned a ton.

Then we went upstairs to the bar and hung out for a while. Lisa and Liia were going, later, to the Passionate Ink party so we parted ways so they could get dressed and I could take a nap. I actually never took one but I did relax in the room for a while until Heather Thurmeier texted me and I went down to the bar to meet her. She's incredibly nice. We ended up joining with her chapter mates, which included Taryn Kincaid and Jennifer Probst (who were already twitter-freinds of mine.) I also got to make friends with some incredible authors I'd not met before. Eventually, when the Passionate Ink party was over we got into a very large van (9 of us) and went to the East Village and had dinner at a Moroccon Restaurant. The food was great but the service left something to be desired. Still, the slow service meant we all really got to talk, which was great.

Then it was back to the bar (seeing a trend here? LOL) where we hung out for a while. Eventually, Tara and I walked Liia home (not that she needed it, we were just being overprotective because she was looking so gorgeous in her blue dress and it was midnight!!) and then it was time to go home where I promptly passed out. Fabulous day of meeting writers and learning about the business.

Wonderful time so far.

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