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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

None Of Us Really Know

Last night, I was watching How I Met Your Mother and it looks like we finally got to see Ted's future wife buying a ticket at a train station. I think.  I mean, the show has teased us so many times with this, and Ted is still hung up on Robin even though she is marrying Barney (and we'll see if that actually happens.), so who knows if this is actually the mother? This was supposed to be the show's last season but they all agreed on one more so I think the timing of this plot is now officially off.

But, I digress.

I read about the actress playing her last night and although she is not overly famous (for TV and movies) she has actually starred on Broadway in the musical Once, for which she was Tony nominated and I thought she looked 'right' for the role of Ted's wife.  Like they could fit together should she actually turn out to be 'the mother.'

I got a little teary about it. Not because the show is ending. I am actually really ready to see some resolution happening on HIMYM.  Its been a long haul and frankly if he were actually telling this story to his real kids it would be a screwed up parental lesson indeed.  I mean, how could they possibly look at Aunt Robin again? But, I digress.

I started to think about all the stories I hear from people about how they met their significant other.  It's really random, isn't it? Some people met in elementary school and always knew they should be together while other's were married to someone else in a relationship that just didn't work before the right person stepped onto the horizon.

None of us really know when life is going to decide to present us with greatness.  We could be planning for one entirely different life and the right person can completely alter everything we thought we'd be doing.  Kids? Who wants kids? Then all of a sudden, with your other half, you do.  Living overseas? Who would want to do that? Well, your spouses job takes you over there and then it is the best decision ever.

I met and married a man who has taken us on a grand adventure. I mean, I'm a little girl from New Jersey. Did I ever think I'd be living in Texas?  No.  Do I love it? Yes.  Would I be doing this even if I didn't love it? Yes. Because I love him.  And it isn't just one sided.  I was thinking the other night of just how many times Ralph has had to listen to me talk to someone about my writing.  He must be seriously bored with it and yet he sits, with a smile on his face, and listens to me tell the story of how I got published and what I'm doing now. Over and over again like it's the first time he's heard it.

For me, I can actually remember the day we met.  In graduate school. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining through my closet window in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I was getting ready to walk to school and I remember feeling like the whole universe had just opened up to me.

I didn't know it actually had.

I hope it works out for you, Ted. I'll be watching next season.

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