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Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling a Little Badly

My poor youngest son, who is still a baby and is 9 months old, has gotten his first ear infection. The poor thing has been uncomfortable for day and I dismissed it as teething. To my defense, he has not run a fever. But now I'm wondering just how many days he's actually had this wicked pain in his ear.


But it got me thinking...(I know, imagine that? LOL)

And I started to think about all the things most of us leave out of our writing. In my Westervelt Wolves series, for example, the couple from the first book have had lots of children at this point since the series has plowed forward, time wise. We don't ever discuss the day-to-day bits about taking care of children in our Romance novels. Never has Tristan had to change a diaper, at least not in the book.

This is, I've decided, a really good thing. In the fiction I read, I want romance, emotion, strings that tug my heart, even tears--but not the elements of real life that make me want to go 'blah' when I have to do them on a day to day basis.

Am I alone? Do you agree?


  1. I absolutely agree on keeping the mundane details from life! Unless, of course, there's a stalker in the shower who jumps out while she's brushing her teeth. :)

    So sorry to hear about your little one. The same darn thing happened to me when mine was five months and cut her first tooth. No clue how long the little trooper suffered. I think we feel worse than they do, though.

    Chin up! Now you know and can ease his discomfort a little better now!

  2. Rebecca, I just spit out my drink at your comment about the stalker in the shower. You're right, that's a great image. It's such a problem when they can't tell us what is bothering them!! Thanks so much for coming by!!

  3. Oh, I know what you mean...Gabriel coughs sometimes, and I wonder if I'm dismissing inhaling spit when it could be more serious. He has o fever or congestion, but I will feel terrible if it's something else :(

    I did put mundane tasks in my first novel, but as characterization for the hero and how out of his element he is. But I am very happy I don't read seens about bathroom breaks. There is no room for tee-tee in a romance novel. She just has to hold it the whole book.

  4. Teirney, Yes! There is no room for Tee-Tee. I sometimes wonder when they're on this grand adventures, when do they stop to pee while they're running from the vampire? LOL!!!

    I think I blew it this time. I think I should have noticed his ear a week ago. Poor Baby D. He is so neglected compared to his brothers. WIth the first one I ran to the doctor if he thought about sneezing...
    I think as mothers we beat ourselves up really, really badly.

  5. One of my tribe member's walked around with a broken finger for a week before I took him to the doctor. He only seem to complain when it was his turn to do something around the house. Then my daughter broke her arm in three places and rollerbladed home to tell me. I told her to sit down, I'd be right out thinking she was being her usual drama llama self.
    I've been amazed PS was never called on us.
    I've tried to include some of the more normal things in my book Moment's in Time because it's about missing life's special times. She's always waiting for the 'wow' moment and ends up missing everything. So while the ear ache is sad because your son is in pain. Some of my best memories are of the day to day things were we grew as a family.

    Hope your boy feels better soon.

  6. THanks Lyncee. My second son, see there are 3 its hard to differentiate LOL, he broke his arm in two places when he was 21 months old and it took us 24 hours to know. So I completely understand. Didn't think I would ever get over that one.

    I could see that--the day to day being the profound, both in writing and in real life!

    Thanks so much for coming by!