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Friday, June 25, 2010

Something Freaky Friday

Hey everyone,

I think every Friday I'm going to ask you to tell me your Paranormal/Fantasy-esque stories. In other words, something freaky that happened to YOU.

Shall I start by telling you about something freaky that happened to me?

When I was young, I went to sleep away camp in New Hampshire. It was a beautiful, hippy-like camp without a lot of the amenities you see at a lot of the camps. In fact, later on I would go to a more hotel like camp but that year I was all about roughing it.

We were coming out of our cabin one morning. And by 'we' I mean me and three other girls. It was raining and we put on our raincoats, which were hung up outside the cabin, under an awning.

Suddenly, a bright light filled the air around us. We all took a step back, almost simultaneously pinned against the outside door of the cabin. And as we stood there watching, the light travelled towards us eventually coming to our cabin. Seconds later I heard the largest boom I've ever heard in my life.

The cabin across from us had been struck by lightening. The electricity travelled from the top of that cabin on a electrical line to our cabin. That was the light and the boom. What was scarier?

That same summer, my house where I grew up was struck while I wasn't in it. Just last week the house across from me here now was struck. There have been many instances in my life of electricity striking somewhere near to where I am.

Think I just have an electrical personality? Tell me your stories!~



  1. Good Morning, Rebecca! First let me say that I read your blog every morning. I look forward to it in fact. Secondly, I don't want to make light of your electrical experiences, but it reminds me of the Curious Case of Benjamin button and the man who was struck by lightning seven times, LOL. But that is very freaky indeed to have lightning follow you. I'd be terrified of thunderstorms.

    Now, I've had several freaky things happen, but when I was trying to think of something that seemed less controversial to write about, only one thing came to mind. When I was seventeen, my great-grandfather passed away. And I was in charge of writing his eulogy. So, every night after school I would sit down at my dad's computer and start working on it. And every time I would start to think about it, I'd see something out of the corner of my eye, turn to look and nothing would be there. Eventually I got a place where I started to figure out what it was. It was a man, dressed in black wearing one of those toboggan hats with a ball on the top. I thought I was going crazy, so I got up the nerve to ask my dad if my Grandpa had a hat like that. And he said, 'Yes. But I don't know how you know about it. He wore that thing when I was a little kid'. So he asked me, and I said, I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye. My dad later told me he got chills when I told him that. I don't know if I was really seeing that or my imagination was playing tricks on me, but I felt like my Grandfather was guiding me in those days that I was trying to write a fitting eulogy to a man I hardly knew.

  2. Wow! First off, thanks for your nice comment Teirney. I'm still getting the hang of it. LOL!

    Second, that would have freaked me out, absolutely! And the fact that he wore that but you had never seen him in it?

    Holy Cow! Thank you so much for sharing your story!!

  3. My freaking thing happened when I was a teenager on Halloween of all times ~ I went to a haunted house about forty-five minutes from my home town w/my boyfriend and a couple of his friends. All the way they kept telling how girls had been taken while going through this house. Told me to stick real close....
    We arrive and start through, I wore clugs in school (actually still do) and the first room was a 'sinking' sand pit which sucked my shoe off. My bf and his friends moved into the second room while I tried to dig my shoe out. I feel hands on my waist, thinking it's my bf, I reach back and shove his face telling him to leave me alone.

    It's some guy in an ape mask! He lifts me up (because back then I weighed 110 lbs). I start screaming thinking he's going to kidnap me. Some guy comes into the room w/his kids. I grab the guys shirt and scream. Tears, kicking.
    "Don't let them take me. They'll torture me."
    He laughs and says - "You're really good...think about becoming an actress when you grow up."
    Bf comes back laughing and gets me. For the rest of the house, the workers jumped out at me...

  4. OMG, Lyncee that is so scary. I might be permanently traumatized if some guy in an ape mask did that to me. Although, your story actually reminds me of something that happened to me too that I had forgotten about that i will have to post next Friday.

    Thanks so much for coming by!!

  5. Oh my, I have sooo many paranormal experiences, but the scariest one was...
    I worked in a certain salon when I first started hairdressing. It was a lively and fun salon that was located in mall in Fort St. John, BC. I was there about five years and during most of the five years, I collected ghost stories as I cut hair. Never did I wonder if the salon itself was haunted until one night, when a few of us girls were working late.
    We were up at the till, standing around chatting as usual. No one was doing any hair at that moment and we were all alone.
    The salon has a main entrance and a locked back entrance to which only the owners and the receptionists have a key to get in or out. It’s a very loud functioning door, so it’s pretty evident when someone is coming or going.
    In the middle of the salon is a small room that holds our coats, the colors and perms and a safe for the money from the till. This room’s walls didn’t reach the ceiling, there was probably a two foot space between the ceiling and the make-shift walls, so you could definitely hear anything going on inside that room or outside in the salon.
    The door to the coat room was in plain view of the front desk, no obstacles blocked our view.
    As we were standing there at the front of the salon, we suddenly heard some strange noises coming from the coat room. The large heavy drawers, which required a bit of muscle to open and close, started to open and slam shut. There was also some shuffling and rustling about in the room.
    I rushed toward the coat room, alarmed, thinking that someone had somehow gotten into the back room and was looking for the safe. I was concerned as well because I hadn’t heard the back door open or close, so I had no idea how someone could’ve gotten back there, in plain view of us.
    I ran to the coat closet, which was maybe ten steps, and flung the door open, it was empty. The coat closet was a small room with no where to hide, no corners to take shelter from my view, no one was there. I stood there, confused and bewildered with these events, closed the door and promptly returned to the front desk where I told the other girls that I had seen nothing. All of us were pretty shaken by the incident, but seeing it was the end of the shift, we went home.

    The next morning, I had pretty much forgotten about the incident and was cutting a lady’s hair. My station was at the back of the salon, just a few steps from the door of the coat closet. I had the sinks directly behind me and one station to the other side of me.
    While casually talking to this lady, out of nowhere, I felt something rush from coat closet and hit me square in the back, like a body check, pushing me harshly into the back of my client’s head. My client and I looked at one another with shock, both of us realizing that something odd had just happened. The back door was lodged open with a chair, so whatever the unseen intruder was, it fled through the open door and never bothered us again.

  6. Oh my God~ That would SCARE me so much!! I might have quit. LOL!! Thank you for sharing that story Spirit Guide!!