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Saturday, July 17, 2010

As I write this...

I'm watching the movie "Valentine's Day" and I can't help but feel like they were trying to do a poor imitation of "Love Actually," which is a movie I love.

It made me think about books that I love that I would never want to do a poor imitation of. For example, anytime I read anything about Nalini Singh or Eloisa James I am overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of their writing and how impressed I am by anything and everything they do.

Do you have an author who does that to you?


  1. Donna Kauffman. I loved her characterization in A Great Kisser. I also love Barbara Elsborg's novel Strangers, well, all her novels but Strangers in particular. I can not express how much I love, love, love that story.
    *big hugs*

  2. DL--I have read neither of those authors and now I am going to. Thank you for sharing them!!