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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank You to My Cover Artists

I don't now if readers know how the cover art on their books work. For me, since I am e-published, the way it has worked is that with each publisher, I have received a different cover artist for the book.

I've been very blessed because each artist is unique with their own style and it makes each of my books look very different from each other while each series continues to look similar so that it is easily identifiable as a series.

So thank you to Anne Cain, Buffi BeCraft-Woodell, April Martinez, and Fiona Jayde
You guys do amazing work!

*Simon's Fate--April Martinez
*Love Beyond Sanity-Buffi BeCraft-Woodell
*Her Wolf-Anne Cain
*Screw Superman--Fiona Jayde

For full examples, see to the right of this post where I have put up all my book covers.

Best to all of you


  1. They're all beautiful but my favourite has to be First Dimension.
    I'm blown away by the whole cover artist thing. How someone can capture the whole essence of the story in a single image is overwhelming.

  2. Grace, I loved that one. It looks like she's looking at us. I went crazy for it.