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Monday, September 13, 2010

Handling more than one manuscript at a time

As a writer, I have to admit, I am very organized about how I write. I have one manuscript and I write it. I call it my Work-in-progress, or WIP for short. I have a list that I keep telling me what the next book I'm going to write is going to be and since I usually write series it's usually the next book in a series I haven't written for a while.

Where am I now? I have two unsold manuscripts that I'm waiting to hear back on--an odd thing for me--and I'm writing a third. So I've now had to write another List entitled "What I have out there" to keep track of that.

I briefly contemplated trying to write more than one WIP at once. But then I thought, Rebecca, you have to keep a list just to keep track of what you're doing. Bad idea to try to take on anything else.

Anyway, hope you're having a great Monday.



  1. Believe me, more than one wip at a time, can be bad for one's sanity! LOL

    Wow, think I may have figured out what's driving me crazy. ;-)

  2. Layna,
    LOL!! If only more than one WIP was the cause of my lunacy. I can't explain mine. LOL!