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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Kids are Back in School...Sort of

So, for a change, I thought maybe I'd write a little bit about what is going on with my 'real' life meaning the life I lead when I am not on the computer lost in fantasies I've created in my own head.

My oldest son--as I've blogged about before--started Kindergarden this year. The public schools in our town are quite good and we happily placed him in our local neighborhood elementary school. Before that, however, for the last three years he went to a Montessori preschool in town. We had started my second son in that school as well in the two year old program. Some day I could write blogs and blogs about the disaster that last years schooling ended up being but I won't bore you with it now.

Let's just say that as of November, I knew I wouldn't be giving that particular school any more of my money and went looking for a new nursery school for DS#2 and hopefully DS#3 when he is old enough.

So fast forward to now. They both started new schools. DS#1 in our local Kindergarden and DS#2 in a nursery school that has me driving a long distance every morning to drop him off but where I am sure he will be well taken care of.

What has proven to be funny about this is that while my local Kindergarden keeps the kids 1/2 day for almost a week and a half to test them and faze them in, the nursery is already full day. So my 5 year old is coming home at noon every day (until next week) and my 3 year old is out of the house until 3 PM. This feels really bizarre to me.

It's also been making it kind of hard for me to write. The 12 PM rush to get DS#1 is really messing with my schedule.

But no worries, I tell myself, next week is coming and then he will be in class all day...
It's not that I don't want my kids home. I love having them with me. They're great kids and I am so blessed to have them.

But Mama is missing writing time.

Blessings to all of you!


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