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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who do you stay up reading?

I had a ton of stuff to do yesterday, and I did very little of it. Why? Marjorie M. Liu's new book in the Dirk and Steele series came out and since i'd pre-ordered it, it arrived magically on my Kindle.

I stayed up very late reading the whole thing.

Who do you stay up late into the night to read?


  1. If I have a Sookie book, I have to read it until it's finished. Sometimes that means I stay until midnight reading...also the same for Jill Myles and Lara Adrian.

  2. Lately? Nalini Singh.

    But it's always someone!

  3. Pretty much anyone! At the moment I am reading Eternal Flame Cynthia Eden, but Stranger by Zoe Archer is next. Yesterday and today was release day! I think I may have a reading problem.

    Quick Question - Are you planning on having any more Sexy Superheroes books?

  4. Carrie Ann-Oh yes, two more. Thank you for asking!!! Soon. When I finish my WIP, there are 3 books--another Westervelt, another Sexy Superhero, and a Sci Fi story in the works. My current book is long--its taking a good amount of time to complete it. But I'm anxious for the next Superhero story!