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Friday, July 1, 2011

RWA...Day 3 Recap

So, I will give a brief recap of RWA day 3 but I have to preface this by saying that I left early because I have a nasty cold and I wanted to get home to my bed. I was lucky...I live very close to NYC and I was able to jump in my car and leave. I know some others who live further away are not feeling so hot and are still stuck in their hotel rooms. I feel for them. And I miss my friends!!

But, I started the day at a very interesting seminar run by four AVON authors. It was about light paranormals versus dark paranormals. Three of the authors wrote dark series and one wrote a light series. There was a lot of really interesting questions and discussion. Basically, it comes down to this. If you write a light paranormal series it can't be entirely 'light.' There has to be something pressing, something the readers can get really invested in even as the characters are 'light.'

I, however, write dark paranormals and I was incredibly interested in that aspect of the discussion. And (*Squee*) Pamela Palmer answered one of my questions and signed a book for me. I'm still jumping up and town about it. At this point, however, I realized that I still had a boa (don't ask) that a new writer I had met named Tara had given me to hold the night before. I quickly ran up to my room so I could return the boa to her. This is easier said than done. (See the earlier comments about the elevator in previous posts.) I retrieved the boa and was back in the elevator when I looked over and there was the amazingly famous author Rebecca York. I became tongue tied and could think of nothing to say. So, I looked down at the boa looked back up at her and proclaimed that the boa was not mine. She smiled and told me that at this conference it wasn't out of place. That got a double *squee* (internally, of course) from me.

Then I returned Tara her boa and ended up leaving because I felt so sick. I am missing my friends and wishing I could be there with all of them. Hope you ladies are still having fun!!

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