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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting My Nails Done

Two nights ago, my husband and I ended up watching a really incredible documentary on HBO called Mann v. Ford. You should check it out here. I would. however, recommend that you don't watch it right before bed like we did. It's disturbing because it's real and, in my case, it's very close to home as the place where these people lived is not that far away from me.

The lead attorney on the case is a very beautiful blonde woman who happens to be brilliant, capable, and on top of her game. That is the most important part--her brilliance. But, having said that, she has red painted nails. I mean bright red painted nails that are so striking that my husband, who usually doesn't notice these things, commented on them because they were so strikingly out there.

The documentary takes place over a long period of time and from start to finish the attorney has these bright, red painted nails. The filmmakers must have been captivated with them too because they do make some obvious moves to show them to us. In a book, if I want my reader to notice something I mention it. In a film, they show it. Same point.

But it occurred to me that those nails really must be her 'thing' because otherwise no one would have them so consistently painted that color all the time. I kind of thought it was cool.

Yesterday, however, after I dropped my oldest son off at an activity that I needed to pick him up from an hour and a half later, I had some time to kill. Seeing a nail salon across the street from the place, I decided to go in and have a mani/pedi. (Manicure, Pedicure for those of you who don't speak 'girl.') Maybe I had nails on the brain from the night before.

As I stood next to the counter picking out the color I wanted on my hands and feet (yes, I got matching) I realized I had to decide what my 'thing' was. Did I want to be a red nailed girl? No. That wasn't me. I would spend all day very self-conscious that everyone stared at my nails. And then what if I had something on my hands? You can see how it is that I am really, really not a red nailpolish person.

It turns out, when it comes down to it, I am a pink nail polish person. Its light, gentle, and it doesn't turn too much attention onto me. I think its pretty. Its just enough to make me feel dressed up and not so 'out there' that anyone is going to think I'm making a statement.

Because in real life, I'm kind of a wallflower. I like my writing to make my statements for me. On the page.

Pretty heavy for just getting my nails done, huh?

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  1. I am very much the same way. If I want an extreme color, it will be on my toes rather than my fingers. Not that many people would look down.