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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its A Mom Thing

The above image is a picture my six year old took using my husband's computer. Isn't that cool? I thought it was so I decided to share. Its the top of his head. Anyway, it makes me smile but it might just be a 'Mom' thing. I do tend to think that he's terribly clever.

What amazes me about my children--and this is very basic stuff--you're going to be like 'duh' Rebecca--is that Ralph and I had three children. We are the same people each time and yet our children couldn't be more different from each other. I don't just mean physically. Their personalities are so completely varied.

I know some of this is created by birth order. Some of it is the things happening in life all around them but some of it is just who they were from the moment they were born. My oldest they induced because they decided they didn't like my blood pressure. He was full term. It took the longest time to have him. Why? I am convinced it was because it wasn't his own idea. To this day, he doesn't like to do things until he is good and ready. If he's forced forward before he wants to be, he resists. He pulls back.

My middle child came into this world with eyes wide open looking around and I would swear seeing all of us. He is still the most likely to throw himself over the side of a bench just to see what would happen. As a baby, he never slept. He would be asleep for fifteen minutes and then wake up crying for hours. They said he had colic. I believe he did. Now, however, he still doesn't want to miss out on anything. If we were to let him, he would run to the ground until he collapsed to not have to go to bed just in case anything was happening.

The baby needed to be held more then the other two combined. At almost two, he is still the one most likely to grab my leg, to get nervous about new people. He is the most attached and not just because he happens to be young. It is just his personality and always was.

The characters in my books are like this for me. I can have an idea about how something is supposed to be but if it is not their own idea than I end up having to do it their way. Otherwise the books don't get written.

My children--all created by my husband and me (and some help from the divine)--are their own people. My characters are the same way.

Happy Day everyone!!

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  1. Hi!

    Cute Pic!

    I just spent a day with about 1500 kids. I ran 6 booths for the Science/Chemistry for Arts Fest. If you want some cool things to do with them - ya know with all that time you have - let me know!