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Saturday, November 26, 2011

What I'm Waiting For

On my desktop, I keep a .txt entitled What I'm Waiting For. It helps me keep track of things. I do have an Excel Spreadsheet that keeps track of what I'm writing, how many words I have written in it, where I have sold various books, and their release dates. Also, I have a .txt that keeps track of my writing order. This is how I handle the many plot bunnies that present themselves to me all the time. I just put down the idea on the bottom of the list.

If this sounds nutty, keep in mind I am managing four different series at the moment. Wanting to write them and hopefully publish them in a timely manner means I don't write whatever I want whenever the feeling inspires me. I have to be inspired to write what I should write. The good news? I love these series, I am always inspired to write them.

But, I don't like to jump from one world into another. It's odd, for example, to go from Westervelt to Warrior. One is adult and erotic and the other is Young Adult and not. I have to get my mind out of the sexual tension and into the sexual restraint.

So, in between books I do get to write things that have come to me. Return to the Sea was one of those things that came to me. One Night With A Wolf was another. Good things that I am really proud of having written.

But, in the mean time, I have the What I'm Waiting For .txt on my desktop. What am I waiting for right now? Two covers, two edits, and two submissions. Hopefully, I'll soon be able to move them from the Waiting file to the Excel Spreadsheet.

In the meantime, I write. Because I LOVE it.

What do you do to manage your world?

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