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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cover Reveal

So happy to show this...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Have you all seen my that my five book series is for sale for under a dollar?


The Warrior Series by award winning author Rebecca Royce - Initiation, Driven, Subversive, Redemption, and Justice - all in one place.

Rachel Clancy was born to fight the monsters that go bump in the night. In a post-apocalyptic world, she and her fellow Warriors are all that stand between what is left of humanity and the monsters who stalk them. Her destiny seems written--fight or die. Until one fateful trip Upwards changes everything. Follow the story as one sixteen year old girl changes the course for human kind forever.


Initiation is the story of sixteen year old Rachel Clancy, born with a specific set of genes that let her fight monsters, she has trained her entire life to kill Vampires and Werewolves. Knowing since birth what her destiny would be has not made the onslaught of emotions she faces as she journey Upwards any easier. It doesn’t help that her father is drunk and her best friend just doesn’t get ‘it.’

Rachel isn’t prepared for the level of deception she faces, and before long she will find herself on a quest she is in no way prepared to handle. What happens next will alter not only Rachel’s life but the lives of everyone she knows. She will learn beyond a shadow of a doubt that sometimes the monsters we know are worse than the ones we don’t and that love can surprise us when it comes from somewhere we never anticipated it.

If she lives, she will be a Warrior. If she doesn’t, no one will ever remember her name.


When Rachel Clancy turned sixteen, she inadvertently changed the lives of everyone around her. Now, six months later she has to figure out how to live with what has happened.

Sent back into the wilderness—this time with a new love—she will find herself face-to-face with two people she never thought to see again: the boy she thought she loved and the man who wanted to destroy her since birth. If Rachel can learn what drives her forward, there may be a chance for everyone to start again. If she fails, all is lost.

Rachel Clancy has been through a lot. With a mission to fight vampires, while losing two boyfriends—one to a vampire and one because of his daddy issues—she is in charge of a secret revolution that could change Genesis, her home, forever. Her confidence is shot, her hands are shaking, and she hasn’t felt a real emotion, except for anger, in a long time.
But Rachel should never be counted out. She sees things others can’t, even if her ideas are considered downright traitorous. The life destined for Rachel is to lead in the world, filled with vampires and werewolves instead of romance and flowers—always forced to fight to stay alive and vanquish any threat to her friends and family. But no matter how many times she’s won, the evil that has stalked her never forgets her name….

Rachel Clancy made a decision to erase herself from the lives of her friends and family. She did this, she believes, to free herself up to make some hard decisions. Only to realize out she was manipulated by a master into doing just what he wanted. Now, she is alone with no one to turn to for help.
But fate isn't done with Rachel. When she is thrust back into the path of her former people—who have no idea who she is—she will find that life gives second chances. Will she gain redemption? Or is it too late…?


My name is Rachel Clancy, and if you’re reading this, chances are I am dead. I have returned to Genesis, my family and Chad. I think I might even be happy. But you know, happy endings aren’t for everyone least of all me.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Calling Caralisa
Bond of Three #2
Virginia Nelson

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The rumors of a Wakening creating triads instead of mated pairs reached Caralisa months ago, but she doubts an undesirable record keeper such as herself will be one of the ones called to power.

Bentley, sees more than the bookish fa├žade Caralisa hides behind. When dreams tell him to wait, to resist the call to claim her, he realizes his premonitions might be the key to his future happiness.

Jackson fought against his fate, resisting destiny’s demand he accept a shared mate. One hot and hurried encounter with Bentley changes his mind and before he can second-guess his desires, he joins Bentley in the hunt to seduce Caralisa.

As the three come together in a heated clash of skin and a passionate tangle of limbs, they’ll discover all the delights of a bond of three. And move their society one step closer to salvation.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

 They pretended to be lords and ladies, but their love became all too real...


Back In Time

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Lady Daffodil Davola grew up traveling Ren Faires with her family. She’s not ashamed of living life off the grid, content with her world and the bawdy band of misfits and wanderers who share it with her.  She doesn’t seek the approval of the outside world…not even from the one man who ever made her want something more.

Gregory Wilder grew up in a family obsessed with politics, determined to become movers and shakers. He remembers a fluke visit to a medieval faire and the girl he met once upon a time. After a messy divorce, he’s determined to find her and see what if…

Assigned to play King and Queen, they have to work together for Knight’s week, like it or not, because Daffy’s father insists. Can they make it through a week without killing each other, or will they end up falling Back In Time?

About the Author

Virginia Nelson believed them when they said, “Write what you know.” Small town girl writing small town romance, her characters are as full of flaws, misunderstandings, and flat out mistakes as Virginia herself. When she’s is not writing or plotting to take over the world, she likes to hang out with the greatest kids in history, play in the mud, drive far too fast, and scream at inanimate objects. Virginia likes knights in rusted and dinged up armor, heroes that snarl instead of croon, and heroines who can’t remember to say the right thing even with an author writing their dialogue. Her books are full of snark, sex, and random acts of ineptitude—not always in that order.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Alpha's Truth Has Released

Alpha’s Truth







Montana Alpha Beaux Nelson believes in living his life the way werewolves were meant to—as naturally and free as possible. He honors the moon with every hunt and breath in his body. When he discovers his true mate is the healer of another pack, he’s determined nothing will come between them—not even her kidnapping. Pursuing her across the continent, Beaux will take any risk to claim the woman meant for him…but surviving her rejection is another matter.


Lake Fennell has never thrived as a healer should, her gift acts out, she changes others without their permission and has failed to save those precious to her. When she discovers Beaux may very well be her true mate, she flees rather than face the possibility. In her haste, she falls into the arms of the True Believers. Months of torture later, she can barely believe it when she wakes to find herself with the one man she shouldn’t want and can never have. In order to save them both, she must leave her true mate, knowing she might not leave his heart in tact. But if she doesn’t do what she was born to do everything will be lost…including the world she’s fought the hardest for.


The moon shone over the land, illuminating the night-drenched terrain before him as though it were daylight instead of minutes past midnight. Beaux Nelson padded forward on four feet, his nose lifted to sample the winter air. In his wolf form, he tasted all the flavors on the breeze. The snow on the ground possessed a gentle sweetness, winter’s kiss not yet disrupted by the pollution of humans. Undoubtedly, they would soon spoil the purity of the season’s white blanket.

 He scented the pine trees, the fir, and the spruce, all tangled together on the wind. Their unique aromas tickled his nose. Nearby, bats flew, whipping their wings on the wind as they left their caverns. His ears picked up the whoosh of their passage as they danced through the night.

 Beaux raised his head for a moment to smile at the moon in her fullness. He would need the blessing of his creator to live through the night. More and more warmth flowed through his body the longer he stared. The moon’s blessing coursed in his veins, granting him the strength to do what needed to be done.

 He would rescue his mate.

 At long last, Lake would be free of her captors, and those who had harmed her would pay. Their blood would flow through the caverns before the morning came.

 The irony of the True Believers bringing Lake—finally—to Montana, his home territory, hadn’t escaped him. Beaux had followed her trail everywhere—Maine, where some local lone wolves went above and beyond the call of duty when they spotted her by attempting rescue at considerable personal cost. From there, her captors fled across the country to California, where she lost her female-werewolf totem necklace. It had been found by the Napa Valley’s Alpha after an attack by the True Believers. From California, they angled south to the Gulf and the city of New Orleans, where witnesses reported a woman matching her description actually running down the street of Napoleon Avenue before being recaptured by men who got out of a black van, wielding guns. The bold daylight attack had incensed the local human authorities.

 All the places they took Lake, Beaux had found them—always one step behind, one day too slow. He growled, baring his teeth at the cavern he would soon enter. If Lake’s brother had told him of her kidnapping one day earlier, everything might have happened differently.

 Beaux was a tracker. It had taken him longer to hunt down his mate than it had taken him to catch any other prey. Locating Lake, rescuing her, and bringing her home was the most important challenge of his life. He. Would. Not. Fail. Again.

 He cocked his head to the side, the signal to his pack it was time to move forward. He longed to howl, to announce to the moon their battle had begun. But making any noise would tell the humans inside of their arrival as well, and, since he trusted the moon already knew his plans, he saw no reason to give away the imminent battle to his enemies.

 Silence remained vital until he entered the cavern. The time for howling would come later, when his mate stood at his side and his enemies lay defeated and destroyed.

 He padded forward, glancing at the moon one last time. Mother and Father Moon, she and he who guide us, I ask for your blessings on our battle. I place my life and that of my pack in

 your hand. It will be a glorious battle to do honor to your name and to reclaim the mate you have gifted to me.

 With one last entreaty, he ran forward. His pack would be in place. Normally, on full moon nights his pack embraced the night together, running, hunting, living as the animal residing within them.

 Tonight, his people had to stay human in their minds while their bodies remained fur-covered. As Alpha, it was his job to keep the pack from going fully animal. Whatever energy he sent, his followers would behave accordingly.

 Beaux trusted every single one of them with him life. They had honored him when they decided to give him the gift of serving them as a leader during his time here on earth.

 They were his family and had all gladly volunteered to lay down their lives for Lake, if it came to it. He would do the same for any of them if they needed.

 Pack fought for each other. At least, his pack did.

 He charged. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park featured a number of ancient caverns accessible for tours for the public. The True Believers had brought his mate to one of the caves not available for regular viewing. The cavern was remote, hard to get to, and hidden away from all of the trails.

 The secret nature of the place worried him. What did they want to do with her here? He didn’t smell lab equipment, which is what the other, more public places she had been held, contained. Were they planning on killing her? Leaving her to die? Why here? Why now? Why on his territory?

 Answers would have to wait. He tested the air, bringing her cinnamon and vanilla essence into the forefront of his mind.

 Once he caught her scent, he never lost it. For the rest of his existence, he would always be able to find her—especially in his own territory.

 He doubted her captors’ motivations included drawing him out. To do so would require awareness of his existence. Lake never claimed him as her true mate. In fact, she’d drugged him to get away before they could discuss it. Anything could happen under torture. She might have told them about him. However, as a target for attack, he didn’t warrant much attention from the True Believers.

 Her brother would be, in their view, a high profile kill.

 Beaux growled. Maybe he should let them have Cyrus. It would be fitting payback for the way Cyrus neglected her safety.

 Two men stood guard at the entrance. He could smell the rank stink of gunpowder. Their weapons had been recently fired. If Lake were hurt, he would hunt down the perpetrators’ families and eat them alive—sink his canines into their soft human flesh and tear them into unrecognizable shreds.

 Maybe he’d do it anyway. Just for fun.


Fallen Alpha reading order:

Alpha Rising (Fallen Alpha 0.5)

Alpha’s Strength (Fallen Alpha 1)

Alpha’s Sacrifice (Fallen Alpha 1.5)

Alpha’s Truth (Fallen Alpha 2)