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Saturday, December 24, 2011

On Vacation...

See you guys in a week.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if you celebrate.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Light Me Up

Buy it in Audio Format here.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Blog Jessica Subject--Science Fiction vs. Contemporary Romance

Everyone, please help me to welcome Jessica Subject. She is a dear friend and a GREAT writer. She has written a fantastic blog and is offering up an amazon gift card to a lucky commentator.

Science fiction romance vs. contemporary romance

Most of my contracted stories and works-in-progress are science fiction romance, but my latest release, Beneath the Starry Sky is not. It’s a contemporary erotic romance; no aliens, no spaceships, no foreign planets, although there are a lot of stars. J

While I still try to keep the same pacing and emotion in my stories, the plots, settings and characters can be very different.

Plots – Maybe the plots are all very similar. I do believe that everyone across the universe deserves a happily-ever-after, regardless of race (including aliens), sexuality, and creed. But how the characters find their happily-ever-afters vary with every story.

Settings – In my science fiction romances, I’ve used cities and places I’m familiar with, or created my own planets and futuristic worlds. But in Beneath the Starry Sky, I set the story in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city I’ve never traveled to. While the city is foreign to me, it is not to many of my readers. Therefore, I had to ensure I had accurate details. After a shout-out to my fellow authors though, I found the details I needed to write this story.

Characters – This is my favorite part of writing science fiction romance. I can create a variety of different alien species and name them whatever I like, although I do try to keep the names pronounceable. I often use mythology to choose names as well. For example, in Celestial Seduction, Frey Berger and his home planet of Ginnun come from Norse mythology. In Beneath the Starry Sky, the hero and heroine are from Earth, but they are different from the normal population. Tamara Johnston has Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune skin disease, and Josh Summers has his own secret.

While there are these differences, I always try to encourage an emotional connection between the readers and my characters. And I like to show that love is possible for everyone.


I will randomly draw a name from those leave a comment to WIN a $5 Amazon gift certificate. Please leave your email address in the body of your comment so that I may contact you if you win. Contest will run until December 23rd.

Beneath the Starry Sky Blurb

Left at the altar with bald patches on her head and her self-confidence stripped away, Tamara Johnson must pick up the pieces of her life and face her Alopecia Areata, the autoimmune disease causing her hair to fall out. She is convinced no man will date a bald woman and arranges a one-night stand through Madame Evangeline’s popular service, 1Night Stand. With her new wig held firmly in place, Tamara arrives at the Castillo Hotel in Las Vegas for a night of passion and pleasure. Anything more than one night would mean exposing her bald head, and she will never do that to any man again.

Running into the Castillo Hotel, away from the paparazzi constantly at his heels, Josh Summers wants to spend his next few days locked away from the flashing lights and screaming fans. When he finds an incredibly sexy woman lying on his hotel room bed in nothing but lingerie, he thinks management has made a mistake. Leaving her behind, he heads for the lobby to get the situation rectified. But an unexpected text from Madame Evangeline sends him back to his room. Though unsure whether the woman on the bed is really his perfect match or just another fan believing him to be like his character on television, he knows he must find out, even if it means he must risk telling her his own secrets. If Tamara can handle his imperfections, she just might be his ideal woman.

Available from Decadent Publishing and other ebook retailers.

Buy Links here:

To learn more about Alopecia Areata and to help find a cure, visit the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation


Jessica Subject started writing to encourage her daughter to read. Now she writes to keep herself grounded. Although she reads many genres, she enjoys writing Science Fiction Romance the most and believes everyone in the universe deserves a happily ever after. She lives Southwestern Ontario, Canada with her husband and two kids and loves to hear from anyone who has enjoyed her stories.





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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

He drew away. She missed the warmth immediately. His breath was strained, rough, and he manipulated her head down on his chest. He whispered in her ear, “We’re exposed here. Anyone could see us.”

Coke-heads with cell phone cameras.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Facebook Timeline

Hi everyone

I encourage everyone to go to this link and take a look. If you don't update your own Timeline by December 23, Facebook will do it for you and decide what goes where and what gets shared. Protect your own privacy and take the time to update.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby. Love you sweetie!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Open Calls

Open Calls

When I first started writing, I asked a friend who’d had some success in it how to know what each individual publisher was looking for. How did I know what they wanted to read? She told me about Open Calls.

Recently, the amazing Hailey Edwards posted on her blog about an open call at a publisher I like. This gave me the idea (thanks Hailey) that perhaps I would start, every once in a while, posting open calls from publishers I know so that if people are looking for some they can find them on my blog.

**Big Disclaimer here. I do not have the time to publish every Open Call on the Internet. So I’m going to be limited by here to publishers I know or that my friends have told me about. Even then I may not do every publisher I know. It’ll be random. But I call this blog Rebecca’s Random Musings, what can I say?**

Liquid Silver Books

Submission Call is open December 12th, 2011 to April 1st, 2012

Do you have a heroine/hero Bounty Hunter? Someone wrongfully accused and on the run from a Bounty Hunter?

Liquid Silver Books is looking for Bounty Hunter focused stories that cater to the relationships full of desire, chemistry, passion and a fantastic romance stories. These stories are open to any genre. (M/F, M/M, F/F & ménages welcome – M/M/F, F/F/M, M/M/M, F/F/F) 

Submissions are …Ø open to all authors currently published with Liquid Silver books and those wishing to be published with Liquid Silver Books. 
Ø All works must be new material. Previously published works or works currently part of a series will not be considered. 
Ø All submissions must be exclusive to Liquid Silver Books; if we decline your submission; you are free to submit elsewhere.

Submission requirements …Ø Full manuscript in Ariel, 12pt saved as RTF.
Ø Length: 15k – 60k (Flexible, but 15k minimum)
Ø Genre: All genres, but must feature a Bounty Hunter scenario.

Heat Level …Ø Open to all our current heat levels – Sterling, Liquid and Molten. Please refer to our submission guidelines for further information.

Please refer to our submission guidelines for further information.

To submit, please send manuscript via email with CALL FOR SUBMISSION: LOVE & BOUNTY! in the subject line. Include your author bio in the body of the email and attach the completed manuscript and a one page snapshot synopsis.

If you have any questions, contact ~

Decadent Publishing

Decadent Publishing is looking for stories that fit their new Honor Guard line.

The guidelines are listed below:

The Honor Guard line is composed of contemporary, multi-national romance stories with a heat level of 3-5 and word count between 10k-25k.

Setting: Countries around the world. The hero can be any alpha male. Military or covert ops: Marines, MP, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, etc.

Heroine can be an American or foreign national. Her age should be 25+. Wherever your setting, we need local flavor. Tap your travel experiences! Give us fun, adventure, romance, interesting settings, strong characters and hot lovin', cultural insights.

Silver Publishing

Men in Uniform Anthology

• 15K to 20K word count per short story/novella. 1 book per month.

• Seriously sexy stories about firemen, policemen, soldiers and sailors - we want to read some hot MM stories about men in...and out of uniform.

• Any combination of M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, M/M.

• Heat Rating: 3+ Flames only!

The Submission for release in January to December 2012. When submitting, please enter "Men in Uniform".

For today, I just stuck with my own publishers but I’m going to start others the next time I do this. Hope you are all well.


Monday, December 12, 2011


Hi everyone,
Here is a video for Eye Contact, the Conditioned Book 1. I hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

These six are from my vampire short story Another Chance. For information on any of my books, please see my website. And make sure to see all the Six-Sunday entries here.

You can still be the man you always wanted to be.

It was the mantra of his squad. Patrick O‟Callaghan took it very seriously, which was why, he reminded himself, he stood in the freezing darkness letting the sand pound on his face relentlessly instead of sitting at home comfortably warm, watching the latest craze of reality television. He smiled at the thought. It was also why he‟d given up human blood thirty years earlier, not an easy thing for someone with his particular hunger to do, considering he was a vampire.

Cow‟s blood, pig‟s blood, squirrel‟s blood, elephant‟s blood—it had all begun to taste the same.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reader Survey

Hey everyone

One of my publishers, Decadent Publishing, is conducting a reader survey. It takes two minutes and you could win 3 e-books. Please come by and take it. The link is here.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What should I blog about?

I'm looking for some blog post suggestions. What would you like to know about me? What would you like to see me write about? Post it here and I'll write about it in the future.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Cover Goodness

I'm in love. Thank you Reece Dante!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Please Help Me Welcome Carrie Ann Ryan

Hi everyone. Please help me welcome Carrie Ann Ryan whose debut novel An Alpha's Path has just released. I had the pleasure of doing a little interview with Carrie Ann, who I consider a friend. The interview is below. Also, she will be giving away a $5 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky commentator. Enjoy!

Hi Carrie Ann. Thanks so much for coming by today.

Thank you so much for having me here, Rebecca! J

This is your debut novel, so please tell everyone a bit about yourself.

I’m a short, sarcastic blonde who teaches chemistry by day and writes about sexy wolves at night. I don’t think I’m as interesting as Mel or Kade though LOL.

Tell me about An Alpha’s Path. What is about and how did you get the idea to write it?

An Alpha’s Path was originally titled The Alpha and the PhD actually. The idea came to me when I was reading a few supernatural books and wondered what would happen if a girl in my shoes – not me LOL – found out the guy she just went out on a blind date with was a werewolf. What would you do? Mel’s reaction was even a surprise to me, so I was happy to put in on paper.

Are your characters pulled from real life or did your muse just make them up?

Mel is the only character somewhat based on anyone – me. By that, I mean her job and her looks. Everything else just came to me. (Thank you muse. J) The characters I have and the mates that find them are perfect for each other, so I do my best to allow them to work together and see what they come up with, rather than me just using people I know. Plus, I could never capture a person the way I need them too – people in real life don’t always need to be put in books.

What is the heat level of this book? How steamy should readers expect it to get?

Think sexy, rumpled bed sheets and love. Steamy. This is actually the tamest of the books I’ve written, but still damned hot. J (Love you Kade)

On a side note….you have a beautiful cover. Who did it?

Thank you so much! I am in love with it. LOL. My crit partner, Leia Shaw and her hubby made it for me. They are actually starting a company soon and will do more covers for other people. That means I have to share, but they deserve everything they get. They are amazing people.

What are you working on now?

I’m actually working on two books and plotting new series. O_o. Book 2 in the Redwood Pack series, A Taste for a Mate, is Jasper’s story. I’m almost done with it and then I will go into edits. Book 3 in the series is called Trinity Bound, I’m about halfway done and I’m really getting into it. I didn’t mean to be working on two books at once, but NaNoWriMo begged me to work on it. (I did make it to 50k on Trinity Bound in about 15 days BTW Whoot!)

My other series will not be in the Redwood Pack world. It’s a supernatural series called Dante’s Circle. I’m not going to go too much into it, but there are going to be some surprises along the way. J

In ‘real life’ you work in science, what made you want to write fiction?

I love fiction. I love romance. I write technical papers for my day job. I’m good at it, but I love diving into a new world, making my own way. Plus, werewolves are sexy. Just saying. J

Who are you favorite authors? Do you have a favorite book?

Oh my. That is such a tough question. I own over 5000 books and have re-read them all at least twice. I have a favorite genre – romance. But other than that, I can’t decide.

I will tell you however, what my favorite book I’ve read this week it. (I read at least one book a day, as a read annoyingly fast, so this is actually a good system for me LOL).

This week I read Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh. I’d already read the first three in the Royal House of Shadows series, each written by a different author. But Nalini’s was by far my favorite. I really liked them all, by Micah was swoon worth to me. *sigh*

Okay…some fun questions.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

It changes, but it’s never chocolate. Right now I’m digging butter pecan.

Favorite movie quote?

“Earn this.” Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. I cry every time.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer Briefs LOL. Or just Boxers.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Flying. To have wings would be a grand adventure.

Thanks so much for coming Carrie Ann. I can’t wait to read your book.

Thank you so much, Rebecca!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

“That was when she was fat.”

The violence of his anger startled him and it wasn’t until he had Jack by the throat did he realize he might kill the young pup. Taking a deep breath, he dropped him to the floor.

“You don’t ever talk about my mate like that. Am I clear?” His voice sounded half-human, half-animal.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Sweet Little Adorable Son

Look at that face. Sigh. Adorable. Who would believe that as I write this blog post he is screaming his head off? Oh yes. In the corner, where he has been put in time out because he had a temper tantrum when we told him he couldn't have any more apple juice today. And I mean a BIG fit. So, off to the corner he went for his requisite two minute time out also known in this house as 'get it together kid' time.

He is the youngest of three children, all boys, which you know if you've read my biography. I don't assume any of you have ever read it. But, I am in fact the mother of 3. With my oldest, 6, right now I am dealing with school and extracurricular activities. With my middle son I am handling teaching and obeying rules. He is also learning he can't lie to me and get away with it.

But with my 2 year old--its all about not screaming when you don't get what you want.

It's not that I can't understand. Of course I can. I want to scream every time I don't get what I want. I really do. I want to scream and bellow and stomp my foot and well....never mind.

Like right now. This chapter is giving me fits. I want to AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I'll Be Mated For Christmas-Release Day

Bethany Johnson grew up one of the only humans in a pack of werewolves. She didn’t have an easy time and her self-confidence was almost non-existent. Finally, after some serious psychotherapy and the help of weight-loss surgery, she is feeling like the Bethany she has always wanted to be. But now she has to say goodbye to the werewolves in her life. Out with the old and in with the new this year…

Luke Denarius is the new Alpha of the Delta pack. He’s never met Bethany but the second he scents her he knows she is his. No way is she going off to Italy for adventure and hot sex with other men.

With the help of Madame Eve these two will find that a mating is in the works for Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Release Day! I'll Be Mated For Christmas

I am so excited today to be able to share with you my new release, I'll Be Mated For Christmas, it is a holiday 1-night stand book, part of the Decadent Publishing 1NS series. If you are interested, the book can be purchased here.


Bethany Johnson grew up one of the only humans in a pack of werewolves. She didn’t have an easy time and her self-confidence was almost non-existent. Finally, after some serious psychotherapy and the help of weight-loss surgery, she is feeling like the Bethany she has always wanted to be. But now she has to say goodbye to the werewolves in her life. Out with the old and in with the new this year…

Luke Denarius is the new Alpha of the Delta pack. He’s never met Bethany but the second he scents her he knows she is his. No way is she going off to Italy for adventure and hot sex with other men.

With the help of Madame Eve these two will find that a mating is in the works for Christmas.

Parenting Is Tough

I don't look like this. Do you?

I love Gwenyth Paltrow as an actress. She is really, really talented but sometimes when I read what she and other hollywood moms say about parenting and I want to pull out my hair. I can't believe that any of them are actually as perfect in their parenting as they say they are.

I am aware that probably a team of stylists made Ms. Paltrow look that beautiful for whatever event she was going to that evening. But, in all seriousness. Who can look like that and be a mother?

For example, I got really dressed up to go to a friend's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I'd gone out to buy a new outfit and for being overweight and not particularly stylish, I looked pretty good.

I came down the stairs with a few minutes to spare before we had to leave. The sitter was with the kids. I felt great. And then the kids ran towards, dirty and messy from their activities and smudged their grimy hands all over me.

I ask myself--does Gwenyth Paltrow have these problems? Somehow I think not.