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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rebecca's Random Musings

So, I called this blog Rebecca's Random Musings because I had this idea that I would use it to muse about anything I wanted to talk about. I have two other topic specific blogs and I thought this one could be about me or anything that I was thinking about. I had this idea that I would stop in the middle of some random Thursday and blog about something cool I had just seen while I was picking up my kids.

But I've never really used it that way. I did come on here a lot to muse when my father-in-law died in February but other than that I mostly talk about books, book videos, book releases, blog posts, book reviews. You're getting the general idea.

Why is that? Do I have SO much book news that I fill every moment of every day talking about. Must everything I say be about writing? Frankly, I cannot believe that anyone wants to hear me say another word about the writing process. I am tired of listening to myself. (And that is never a good thing.)

So, today, I thought I'd give it a try. I'd open up and see if I could use this blog to stop and talk about something that has nothing to do with writing. Of course, I don't expect anyone to actually read it. It will be one of those blog posts that gets no attention. And that is fine too!

I have three children. They all have their needs. Their strengths and (gasp) weaknesses. They are, after all, human beings. Even if in my mind they are close to perfect.

My middle child is quite bright. (They all are.) When we are out of the house he is well behaved. An 'angel' another mother said after a play date. I've seen him with his friends and at school. I can see that he knows how to be kind, to be a good friend. In general, his teachers love him. He is four years old.

At home? Lately, he is in a perpetual state of trouble. Today, I have had to speak to him about being nice to his little brother so much I thought I might choke on the words. Feeling like being 'patient parent' I talked to all three of them (yes, the 2 year old too) and I told them we would have a 'start over.' That all problems of the day would be washed away and we would begin again. No one would be in trouble if they all just behaved from that moment on. Really, this is for the four year old's benefit. I do not want to be always punishing him when he is home. I understand that now that his brother is 2 and into all of his stuff, he is feeling territorial. I try and try to remind him how nicely his older brother has always treated him and encourage him to treat his younger brother in the same way.

Does it work? Ha! Ha, I say!

Not two seconds after I gave my speech about starting over and being good to one another, he was grabbing his brother my the cheeks to get what he wanted from him.

I'm glad that in writing I can make plots turn the way I want them to. Because in my real life I cannot seem to get a handle on any of it.

Best to all of you.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

“I’ve wanted you for years. I’ve had some of my best wet dreams about you.”

He did? Her heart pounded against her ribs. “You can show me some of them later. I’ll be hiding.”

Friday, September 23, 2011

Release Day! Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes can be purchased here.

Kyra Soloman has been a successful actress in Hollywood since she was fifteen years old. Now, about to turn thirty, she's had enough of the scene. She wants to move to New York City and rediscover her love of acting.

Brent Hallow is the new 'it' guy in town. He's recently starred as a vampire in a teenage angst movie. He's also twenty-four years old, and the fact that Kyra is attracted to him makes her feel very old.

But one hot night at a Hollywood house party will show them both they share more than the love of acting…and the real desire for rough sex as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Book Video

Happy to Announce...

That I have signed a contact with Silver Publishing for the fourth book in The Outsider series called Love Beyond Sight. Very excited to continue on with this series!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Tour!

Hi everyone,

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Michael stepped forward invading her personal space. Heat radiated from his body and warmed her up from the chill of the air-conditioning.

“Scarlett, I could feel your eyes on me through the whole fight. I could smell you. It was hard to concentrate.”

His voice was low, husky, and before she could stop herself with worry, she reached out and stroked his bare chest with her fingers.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bookie Awards

Hi everyone, I have been nominated for a few Bookie Awards. If you have a few minutes could you stop by and vote?


Monday, September 12, 2011

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Blinking twice, she looked down, her whole body deflating as she realized it wasn’t a dream—she was actually covered in fur. How could any of this be happening? Her

moments of lucidity were becoming fewer and fewer and even more frightening were the fact that her memories of her insane times had grown more vague. Now, not only could she not control what she did when the madness overtook her, she also had no recollection of what happened.

Maybe it was a blessing. The things she’d remembered from the earlier episodes had

left her feeling horrified.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bah Humbug or Happy Birthday To Me

So, its my birthday. When I was younger I used to love my birthdays but today, for the second y year in a row, my husband has had somewhere he has to be out of town on my birthday. So, with the exception of my sister-in-law who sent flowers yesterday (and they were beautiful), no one has remembered my birthday today in my house.

Granted, it is early in the morning.

But my Bah-Humbugness began quite early today at around 1:45 AM when my second son, who was sleeping on the 3rd floor with my mother-in-law, came downstairs screaming at the top of his lungs. I'm not exactly sure about what. He wasn't really awake. So, I brought him back upstairs, retucked him in, comforted him, got yelled at by my mother in law who didn't know what was happening, and then came back downstairs. I finally fell back asleep about two hours later. Then he woke up again, this time calling out for his Daddy.

So, of course the almost two year old came into my room crying at around 6 AM. I had to send him back to his room until he stopped crying. Here we have sat together. The kids don't seem to have remembered my birthday. (I don't expect them to at 6, 4 and almost 2.) My mother in law doesn't seem to have remembered. My husband is in a time difference and I won't hear from him for hours. My parents will remember but I may not speak to them for hours. They are taking me to dinner tonight. Right now, however, as I am so exhausted I can't see straight its hard for me to imagine that there will be a dinner time today.

I really don't care that much about my birthday anymore. I used to. A lot. I always made a fuss over birthdays (and still do for my kids) because it was a chance to show the people we love how much we love them. But I guess Mommies don't get birthdays in my house today.

Thank you for the Facebook messages. They were nice to wake up to. They really did make me smile.

Bah. Humbug. GRRR. I'm wondering if there is any way I can get a nap.

Friday, September 9, 2011



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Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's Blog Stop...

Hi everyone--

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Rebecca Royce

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Todays Stop.

Hi Everyone,
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Hi everyone!

1. Happy Labor Day Everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

2. Please join me today at Taryn Kincaid's blog where we are launching off a blog tour for Love Beyond Time. You can win a gift card to Amazon so stop by!

3. I had to share with all of you that I was overwhelmed today with the feeling of wanting to go, just for a moment, back to being sixteen years old. I know I was lucky to live in a house like that when I was growing up--the safest place on earth. I hope I'm giving that to my kids.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

"Good. That's exactly what I would want you to do if I threatened you in any way."

"You want me to challenge you?" Something was off and Jana couldn't get her

senses around it yet.

He is our mate. And he is yummy.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Movie Review...


Last night, I had the opportunity to go to the movies with my friend and, do to scheduling issues, we went to see One Day starring Anne Hathaway (who, for the record I usually LOVE...have you seen Rachel Getting Married....5 Stars) and Jim Sturgess.

The movie is an adaptation of a book, which I have not read. Perhaps if I had read the book I would have been better prepared for what I had signed on to see and not been so disappointed with the movie. Or maybe I would have been anyway.

Right off the bat, I found Anne Hathaway's british accent to be really off-putting. Maybe it was correct. I'm not an expert on these things but I've never had such a problem listening to Gwenyth Paltrow or Renee Zellweger do british accents so I don't think its just a question of an American taking on a British Accent. I suspect that I am correct--and that it is really, really bad.

The movie takes place in one year segments from the year 1998-2011. Each scene popping up a different year with the year actually popping up behind the actors somewhere on the screen to let you know what year you are in. If you forget what year it is, do not worry, the actors' hair changes to fit the time and the music in the background is a clear clue that you are somewhere in the year 1992 or 1998.

But Emma and Dexter meet at college graduation in 1998 and, although they almost have a one night stand, end up not sleeping together. Thus, starts their friendship with Emma continuing to lust after Dexter (silently) and Dexter basically being SOB to everyone around him, including Emma while they all wait (including his mother who dies somewhere in the early 90s) for him to become the good man he will eventually grow up to be.

That doesn't happen very quickly and, for me, at some point I stopped seeing anything about Dexter to particularly love. And I stopped liking Emma who stood by year after year continuing to love him from afar while acting the role of his best friend even while he treats her terribly.

Soon, however, Dexter will knock up his girlfriend Sylvie and need to get married. His thriving career as a late night host (he's awful) ends and he goes to work for a college friend's organic food corporation. Emma's writing career finally takes off after a brief foray into teaching and a relationship with a terrible stand up comedian. (See how they've reversed roles? He started out rich and successful and now she is?) In case you were wondering, the wind changing actually happens in the background as Dexter stares out at a strange wind storm that picks up one day. Yeah...I caught that. So did everyone else.

Eventually, Dexter's marriage ends and LOOK there is Emma. Happy to leave her relationship with Jean-Claude the Jazz musician in Paris to RUN to Dexter, who is looking much worse for the ware. (Really? Who did Jim Sturgess' stubble in this movie?) The movie does a very strange thing. They completely gloss over the fact that apparently Emma and Dexter have slept together the year before. They discuss it at this point with the audience watched Emma and Dexter eating spaghetti together, I don't get to even see a lead up to their sleeping together?

But the movie is not without sex. No, we get lots of sex once they are married. (Seemed a very odd decision to me.)

Then Emma wants a baby, she's not getting pregnant, she's unhappy, Dexter is running his own coffee shop, and she is riding her bike to go see him. BOOM. Emma is struck by a truck. She dies on the side of the road and we get to watch her do it.

Yes, in this movie billed as a ROMANCE with voice overs saying lovely things about LOVE, Emma dies on the side of the road.

Now Dexter falls apart. And continues to do so for about 15 more minutes intermingled with more scenes of Dexter and Emma's life together that don't seem to add anything to the movie. A lot of their first day together.

That is the movie. One Day. Again, had I known it was this TYPE of movie, I might have enjoyed it. I don't mind watching things that are upsetting. I do all the time. But I need to know thats what I'm seeing. And shame on the movie promotion for not making that clear. Also, I really felt like the actors didn't particularly care for one another. They had very little chemistry and it seemed like a lot of going through the motions, something I don't usually see with Anne Hathaway.

Have you seen the movie or read the book? What are you thoughts?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading, Critiquing, Writing....

I am a very, very busy person these days.

How are all of you? I'm reading, writing, critiquing, oh...and...playing with those three. (School starts for us Tuesday.)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

My New Website Has Gone Live!

Hey everyone--

Come by and let me know what you think!