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Thursday, June 30, 2011

RWA...Day #2 Recap

Yesterday, I woke up at around 7 AM and went down to the Goodies room to meet up with Lisa Fox and Liia Ann White. In the Goodies room, I got a ton of cool swag. (I will never be without a pen again!) And there was LARA ADRIAN. I didn't say anything, I just stared like an idiot but it was so exciting to see her.

There was a big morning meeting going on about RWA in general but we were late to get there so we went, instead, to the subway and went downtown to SOHO and had breakfast at Balthazar and coffee at Dean and Deluca. It was nice to get out of Time Square for a while. Lisa and Liia are the nicest people and we really had a lot of fun together.

We got back in time to go to the luncheon, which was fun. We got to meet some people from the DC RWA and they were really nice ladies. After lunch, we went to the Body Language seminar, which was fascinating and funny. We learned about how people flirt, what men do, what women do, and what the truth about flirting actually is. People were called up to demonstrate things and the time just flew through that seminar. I really learned a ton.

Then we went upstairs to the bar and hung out for a while. Lisa and Liia were going, later, to the Passionate Ink party so we parted ways so they could get dressed and I could take a nap. I actually never took one but I did relax in the room for a while until Heather Thurmeier texted me and I went down to the bar to meet her. She's incredibly nice. We ended up joining with her chapter mates, which included Taryn Kincaid and Jennifer Probst (who were already twitter-freinds of mine.) I also got to make friends with some incredible authors I'd not met before. Eventually, when the Passionate Ink party was over we got into a very large van (9 of us) and went to the East Village and had dinner at a Moroccon Restaurant. The food was great but the service left something to be desired. Still, the slow service meant we all really got to talk, which was great.

Then it was back to the bar (seeing a trend here? LOL) where we hung out for a while. Eventually, Tara and I walked Liia home (not that she needed it, we were just being overprotective because she was looking so gorgeous in her blue dress and it was midnight!!) and then it was time to go home where I promptly passed out. Fabulous day of meeting writers and learning about the business.

Wonderful time so far.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RWA...Day #1 recap

I made great time across the bridge although I was halted in getting to my destination because there was a Tranformers premiere thing-y going on right down the block from the hotel. It took me, literally, twice the time to go three blocks to get around it than it had to travel over the George Washington Bridge and cross town from 79th street. By the time I valet parked the car and waited on the very long line to check in, its about 4:30.

Liia Ann White calls me and after I gave her the wrong floor for registration, we actually met up and registered for the conference. Lots of goodies in our bags and as we're looking at them, one of the hotel staff comes and yells at us that we're stopped in an area where we're not supposed to be stopped. It was kind of odd but apparently everyone watching felt it was weird too because we immediately started meeting people (from Ontario) who were there for the conference and couldn't believe what had happened.

The line for the book signing was way too long (I love Nora Roberts but I couldn't wait on that line all day) so we ventured out onto the street to walk around. This is Liia's first time in NYC ever. But the crowd at the terminator premiere is off-putting (A lot of crazed people wanting to see Shia LaBeuf, I guess) and the humidity was getting kind of bad so we walked back in the hotel.

Now, a word about the elevators here. You have to dial in the floor you want to go to on a large pad and then the pad tells you which elevator you may take. Once in the elevator, there are no buttons to push floors so if you haven't dialed your own floor you are stuck going to whichever one that elevator is going to.

We travelled up the eighth floor and went to the bar. (Most of the rest of the day will be spent at the bar. LOL) After consuming a lovely beverage, we sought out some dinner where we met a lovely author named Jane and invited her to join us. We ate dinner and went upstairs to the First Timers Orientation.

Liia is super nice and very friendly, which made all of this running around much more pleasant. Lisa Fox arrived (awesome lady) and joined us at the orientation. We were three giggling and talking in the back. Yes, I was that person yesterday. Very unlike me. LOL. When it was over, we went back down to the bar where we drank some more and met some more people. Taryn Kincaid arrived from dinner and we got to hang out with her too. (She is incredible!)

Then, I tuckered out. I guess it was after eleven at that point and I made my way back upstairs. Now, today has started out with the toilet in my room breaking, which I guess I'm going to have to call someone about now. Oh sigh. But, I'm looking forward to a day of learning a ton of stuff, which should be fantastic.

Happy Day everyone!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

What to do with myself??

Well two out of three of my children got on a bus this morning to go to camp. They will return home today late this afternoon. But its one in the afternoon and I keep feeling like I need to go pick one of them up from school and start my afternoon routine. Only I don't. So I'm sort loose ends. Oh there are lots of things I could be doing (including writing) but I'm not used to having this time yet.

I guess I am a creature of routine. Are you? Oh!! Did you see True Blood last night? I loved it. But I hear, on Twitter, that there are lots of mixed reactions going on. Opinions please!!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for stopping by today. My installment for today is from Another Chance, my story that released this week from Decadent Publishing. I hope you like my six!

True to his word, he sliced the gag from her mouth. Her tongue felt heavy and she was horrified to hear herself pant. She’d had no idea she was in such bad shape.

“I’m going to undo your wrists and your ankles. As soon as I have, you’re going to wrap your arms around my neck. Do you understand? Nod, if you do.”

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Chance--Release Day!!

Hi everyone!!

So excited to report that Another Chance has released! For more information or to purchase it, please go here.

Patrick O’Callaghan is a vampire grappling with the fate that has been laid out for him. Turned into a vampire during World War II, he lived for many years as a crazed monster searching only for blood and dishing out death. That is until he is approached to join a unique unit of the United States military, a special operations division made up of vampires looking for a second chance, for a way to redeem the horrors they have caused by serving God and Country. The only catch? He had to give up human blood.

Jennifer DeMarco is a hard-nosed reporter and the daughter of an Admiral in the United States Navy. When she goes missing, kidnapped by terrorists she hoped to interview, Patrick’s unit is sent out to rescue her and then remove her memory of the events, making it like they never happened.

Things go awry when Patrick responds sexually to Jennifer, something that hasn’t happened since he was made a vampire. New truths are unveiled to Patrick-things he never thought he either could or should have as a creature of the undead, and Jennifer’s life continues to be in danger.

When disaster strikes, the two will discover that there are second chances if only you’re willing to take them.

And an Excerpt

Jennifer had cried herself nearly asleep, which was the absolute last thing she’d wanted to do. Of course it didn’t really matter. It might actually be better to be unconscious when the time came for her to be raped and murdered. Oh God, why hadn’t she just listened to her father and stuck to a desk job? Why did she have to prove something to everyone by becoming a hardnosed investigative reporter? Ha. She actually laughed. She wasn’t acting at all hardnosed at the moment.

Jerking back, she jumped when she thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Straining to turn around, she decided she had to be crazy. The room was pitch black. There was no way she could see anything moving around. Even if there was something in there with her, it was most likely something she wouldn’t want to see, like a rat.

She grimaced at the thought. There was nothing she hated more than rodents, which was funny considering that she was about to be beheaded with the video posted on the Internet for her family to watch. In the world she lived in, there should be a lot more to dislike than one small rodent.

“Don’t move.” A voice spoke from behind her, and she started before she could help herself. No one could have gotten in here. Was she hallucinating?

“I’m real and, no, I can’t read minds. People tend to think they’re hallucinating when I appear.”

Jennifer couldn’t be sure, but she thought she heard amusement in the stranger’s voice. Truthfully, that was sort of comforting in an odd way. If he could be funny then maybe her straits were not as dire as she’d feared. That was, of course, assuming that he was actually there to rescue her, which he had not said.

“I’m going to take off this gag and you are still not going to make any noise, do you understand me, J.L.?”

He’d called her J.L. For some reason that didn’t sit well with her. Usually, she preferred it. Jennifer was the name her parents had given her. J.L. she had invented herself. However, from this man it didn’t sound right. Since she couldn’t see him, all she had to go by was the intonations and accent on his carefully chosen words.

There was no question, he had a thick Brooklyn accent. It couldn’t be mistaken, and she hadn’t heard anything like it in years. Everyone she knew spent so much time trying to hide their origins, to sound so completely unidentifiable in order to gain respectability. It had been a long time since she’d heard such a completely unabashed representation of where someone was from.

She didn’t know a thing about him and already she was anxious to get a look at this person whose very presence in the room intrigued and terrified her.

True to his word, he sliced the gag from her mouth. Her tongue felt heavy and she was horrified to hear herself pant. She’d had no idea she was in such bad shape.

“I’m going to undo your wrists and your ankles. As soon as I have, you’re going to wrap your arms around my neck. Do you understand? Nod, if you do.”

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Cover Goodness!

Love Beyond Time coming July 30th with Silver Publishing

Release Date--Angel's Wolf

Coming July 11th!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Back!!

Well, the hubby and I are back from our vacation. We went to Miami, well specifically Key Biscayne, and sat on the beach or the pool for a week. I feel rested and revitalized. Its a nice feeling. How long do you think it will last? I have to go to the dentist tomorrow so maybe five minutes.

I always come back to a super-duper organized house. My Mom, who is so wonderful to keep the kids for me when I'm out of town, is much more put together than I am. Things that I didn't even notice were wrong with the house are fixed when I come home. Its such a treat. The kids are always well taken care of and happy. Its such a gift. Thank you Mom and Dad and thank you to my mother in law who sleeps over too and helps as well. Hubby and I are so grateful.

I'm jonesing to write so lets see how much I can get done this week.

How are all of you?

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm On Vacation...

I've gone on vacation with just my hubby leaving the kiddies in very good hands!
Be Back Next Week...
But I got some really good news before I left...
Love Beyond Time has been bought by Silver Publishing. So excited!!

If you need me, e-mail me. I will be checking that this week!!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Hi everyone and thanks for coming by Six Sentence Sunday. This week I chose six sentences from Another Chance, a short story I have coming out with Decadent Publishing at the end of June.

Jennifer DeMarco knew she was going to die. Struggling once more in vain to loosen the ties at her wrists, she succeeded in only making the leather straps dig even further into her already bloodied skin. Tears fell and she fought off a sob, nearly choking on the gag that filled her mouth.

The cavern where the terrorists had shoved her was pitch black, the kind of darkness where one couldn‟t see which way was up or down, but that was to be expected in a cave. She shivered from the cold that could at best be called bone chilling and at worst…well, she didn‟t want to dwell too much on just how terribly cold it truly was.

She‟d come to the point where she was just going to have to accept the sad truth—she was done for.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What happened to Weekends?

Since last weekend, my husband and I have been talking about weekends. What happened to them? Last weekend I had to take the children to three different birthday parties and this weekend will be the same. What happened to the days when we were all able to spend time together as a family?

What happened to family time?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Say Something Nice

Having seen some disturbing comments on several blogs lately (none that I am affiliated with) I have decided to announce that this is a 'play nice with others zone.'

That is all.

Thank you.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can you Vote?

Hey Guys,

Eye Contact and Driven are BOTH up for Best Book at Happily Ever After Reviews. I would appreciate a vote if you have the time. You can find the vote here.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Please Join Me...

At Paranormal Romantics today while I talk about One Night With A Wolf.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hey everyone
Here is the new video for Driven: The Warrior Book 2. For more informations, please visit here.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

So, officially Six Sentence Sunday is not running this week but I thought I would go ahead and post 6 sentences anyway. I had a release this week called One Night With A Wolf. It is part of the 1NS series. Here are 6 sentences from it.

On some primal level, Kaylee Post called to him. He had to give Eve credit for getting the physical attraction part down. He’d liked blondes before he’d been bit. Especially ones who had sad violet eyes and pouty, kissable lips. Wow. Yeah.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Cover Goodness: Embraced

This is the cover I've received for Embraced, coming soon with Decadent Publishing. To say that I LOVE it is an understatement. I adore it. Dara England nailed this cover!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Released--One Night With A Wolf

Hey everyone,
I am very pleased to announce that my 1NS book One Night With A Wolf has released!! Its a very hot, werewolf story and I hope you'll check it out!

Joseph Penn is a Werewolf who has come to New York City to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Having been turned against his will years earlier in a violent attack, he spends as little time as possible away from his secluded home. Sitting in the bar, waiting for his sister, he’s shocked when he receives an unexpected text from his old friend, Madame Evangeline, the owner of the exclusive dating service, 1Night Stand, telling him he’s being set up with a woman in that very bar.

Kaylee Post has lost her boyfriend, her job, and her self-confidence. Intending to celebrate her friend’s birthday at the Manhattan restaurant, she never expects instead to have a one-night stand with a wolf who will change her life in ways she can’t yet imagine.

Genre: Paranormal romance, contemporary, erotic romance

Heat level: 4

Cover art by Dara England


He ran a hand through his brown hair as he considered Eve’s last text. He knew the woman made a very nice living setting people up. People signed up online using some kind of questionnaire. So why Eve wasted her time with him when he so clearly wanted to be left alone went beyond his understanding.

The girl on the stool—Kaylee—fiddled with the straw in her multi-colored drink. Could he leave her there and not tell her that no one would show up? He sighed. Of course he couldn’t. He might have been changed, against his will, to a werewolf who shifted into a canine every time a full moon showed up, but he hadn’t lost all the manners his mother had once instilled in him.

As he walked slowly toward the woman, he took a deep breath. Outside of his cabin in the woods, he very rarely allowed himself to use his wolf senses. Tempting fate courted danger, especially since for years after his initial bad-luck-bite he’d occasionally lose control of himself and end up growling or pawing at some unsuspecting stranger.

These days he handled the urges but still….

On some primal level, Kaylee Post called to him. He had to give Eve credit for getting the physical attraction part down. He’d liked blondes before he’d been bit. Especially ones who had sad violet eyes and pouty, kissable lips. Wow. Yeah.

As he leaned on the bar, he tried to smile in a way that wouldn’t alarm her. Kaylee caught her breath as he approached. Regular humans might not hear the small intake he’d noticed, but increased sensitivity to sound came with the wolf-bite.


A slight red hue covered her cheekbones and stained her pale skin. What did that mean? Sickness? Then it struck him and he felt like an idiot. She blushed. He’d come over and his presence had made her blush. To his recollection, that had never happened before. Women didn’t react that strongly when they first met him.

“Hello.” Her voice sounded lower than he’d expected. Not too deep, but sexy and sultry in a way he knew would stick with him later.

“My name is Joseph Penn. I think we have something in common.”

Her violet eyes flared to life with an unknown emotion and it relieved him to see she didn’t seem sad when she spoke to him. “What would that be, Joseph? Or do people call you Joe?”

He shrugged. “Either, or.”

“Alright, Joe. What do we have in common?”

Now his cheeks burned. Maybe because her violet eyes seemed to pierce right into his soul, or perhaps it had been a really long time since he’d had sex, but Kaylee Post turned him on. In a major way.

“Well, um…” Okay, get the stammering under control. “We’ve both been stood up by my sister.”

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Contract!!

Decadent Publishing has contracted Embraced, which is the second book in The Conditioned Series. I am so excited. The story of the Conditioned will continue....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Series Recommendation...

I never do this but if you are not reading Cynthia Eden's Night Watch series, you are missing out. These books are unbelievably good.

That is all.