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Monday, October 24, 2011


Lately, I feel like this is the health blog. First my potential carpal tunnel and now I can write about how I haven't slept in days because of youngest son's croop. But, he woke up this morning without a fever so that is good!

When I considered having a 3rd child, everyone told me that third children were so easy, so happy to just go along. Somewhere on his way out of my womb, someone forgot to give that memo to my 3rd son.

My other children would stay in their beds when they were sick, they would sleep, and get better. This child? In my bed. He insists. Will not sleep but insists on being on top of either me or my husband the entire night. I understand that he needs the comfort. I want to give it to him. But, wow, exhaustion has set in.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll all be back on track.

1 comment:

  1. Poor thing! And poor you. Hope the both of you are back to 100% very soon.