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Monday, September 6, 2010



Contest goodies going on today.

So, I have the good fortune to know a really incredible author named Sandra Marshall. She is a fellow author over at Eirelander Publishing and her first book there, Addiction, was an incredible read.

When we discovered that we both have releases coming out this week, we knew we had to throw a contest together to celebrate. (It's also my birthday later this week so even more reason to celebrate~)

So here is what you need to do. Are you ready? Go over to Sandra's blog and then come back to mine. Let me know what Sandra did on her way back from the Caribbean earlier this year.

Comment here with the answer and you will be entered to win your choice of either a print copy of Sandra's book Addiction or an e-book copy of her latest release The Deceived AND a copy of either Screw Superman or it's follow up--releasing today--Banging the Superhero.

So what are you waiting for? TWO BOOKS PEOPLE!!

Best to you



  1. Hey, Rebecca, thank you for promoting my books and blog.

    I would like to know how you select your titles? They are so interesting.

  2. steak, crabmeat salad,ravioli, and a five choice cheese plate.

  3. Sandy,

    Most of the time I have the title before I have the book. LOL. They come to me and then the story comes to me. How do you pick yours?


  4. I love the cross promo guys! I'm stopping in to say congrats, Rebecca! And, goodness, those covers just scream read this series. *grins*

  5. The other question for Sandy: Lightning struck her plane, which left everyone crying and praying for safety. Sandy held her mother's hand and calmed down this teacher, who had a knack for terror.

  6. Becca,
    I have to have the story before the title. lol I need some interesting titles.

  7. Sandy helped a frightened woman who sat on the plane next to her...sounds like a scary time for everyone, especially with lightning hitting the plane!

  8. Lightning struck her plane and she consoled a teacher sitting next to her.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  9. Happy almost birthday, Rebecca.

    Lightening was striking the plane, and she held her mother's hand and told her she loved her, then comforted the woman sitting next to her.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  10. eating a crabmeat salad, followed by a lobster ravioli, and then the aforementioned sirloin and finished off by a five choice cheese plate.

    Lightening was striking the plane, and she held her mother's hand and told her she loved her, then comforted the woman sitting next to her although she said this had happened in the late 60's early 70's??

  11. she held he rmoms hand and told her she loved her and reassured a woman who went from oneterror to another on the flight home where lightening was striking the plane

  12. She comforted a woman on her plane as well as her mother while going into a thunder storm and lightening was hitting the plane. I hate to even think of this happening. susan L.

  13. The food sounded good..crabmeant salad, steak and lobster ravilio and cheese plate...I have my fork ready. ha ha susan L.