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Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi everyone! I know its the big V-DAY, which I love, but this year I've taken off with my best girlfriend and abandoned the love of my life at home with our three children. (I love you sweetheart!)

It is my friend's birthday and we are celebrating my taking a trip for a few days. I left yesterday and I'm coming back in two days. For those of you who know how I hate to fly, you will know how it probably went at the airport....


I thought it would be fun to run a contest. So....WHERE IN THE WORLD IS REBECCA ROYCE?

I am going to give you a couple of hints. In the event that more than one person gets the state right, the correct city will win the contest. OH--and the PRIZE--choice of my backlist (Love Beyond Loyalty, Initiation, and Alpha Wolf exempt.)

Oh...and if I've personally told you where I am, then you don't get to win and don't spoil it by telling anyone else.

So here are the hints

1. I had to get on an airplane to get here. (Duh)
2. I went from a cold climate to a warm climate
3. I've only been to this place twice before and never to stay very long. Its a frequent stopover on my way elsewhere.
4. There is a song about this place
5. This city is home to good sports teams.

I think that should do it.



  1. I vote for somewhere in Texas!
    Or maybe that's coz I just really want to go there lol
    Have a blast babe; you deserve the holiday, even if you had to get on a plane :-/

  2. I think it's Atlanta too. I used to work for those great sports teams! Oh how I miss it! I got Georgia on my mind!

  3. Georgia, Georgia.

    Now I've got Ray Charles singing in my head.

  4. My second choice'd be Miami.

    Though in RL that'd probably be reversed.

  5. Geez, where is there warmth right now? Don't know a song about thinking not their. Hmm, Atlanta, but don't know a song about Atlanta either--do know Georgia on my mind. Phoenix, I'm going with Phoenix!!

  6. I guess, Miami, Florida. they have most teams and there are songs about the city. One by will smith.
    but my second choice is Atlanta.
    the hints were not easy, because you never want to go with your first thought...

  7. Lol, here comes clueless-about-American-geography! I'd vote for Florida. :)