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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've broken my foot....

Last week--Monday to be specific--I was walking on some bad pavement in less that appropriate shoes. To my credit, I hadn't intended to take such a walk in those shoes. But I ended up having to park much further from my son's school that I had anticipated. A few minutes into my mad dash (because I was running late.) I turned my ankle on some uneven ground. Ouch.

But I didn't stop running and I served lunch at my son's school. It wasn't until hours later that I noticed how much pain I was in. Still, I wasn't swollen or bruised so I didn't worry too much about it. I figured it would stop hurting.

It didn't.

I ignored it for a week. I walked around on it for a week. Finally, after a week I decided it might be smart to go to the Orthopedic doctor. Yep, stress fracture.

I am now wearing a walking boot. But the strangest part was what I did today. At ten Am this morning, I was standing in an orthopedic shoe store getting fitted for my foot that isn't hurt. The walking book raises me up and if I didn't find a shoe to do the same, I was going to hurt my hip.

So I am limping around now in a walking boot and an orthopedic sneakers. I should be stylin at my cousin's wedding in two weeks!


  1. oh no! that's awful. :( how long do you have to wear das boot?

  2. I have been there before! I dropped a 50 lb dewer of liquid nitrogen on my foot at work. NOT FUN... However I am sure you can write a scene with the heroine running towards something - spraining her foot - and having a very hot hero come to help her out...