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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rebecca's Random Musings

So, I called this blog Rebecca's Random Musings because I had this idea that I would use it to muse about anything I wanted to talk about. I have two other topic specific blogs and I thought this one could be about me or anything that I was thinking about. I had this idea that I would stop in the middle of some random Thursday and blog about something cool I had just seen while I was picking up my kids.

But I've never really used it that way. I did come on here a lot to muse when my father-in-law died in February but other than that I mostly talk about books, book videos, book releases, blog posts, book reviews. You're getting the general idea.

Why is that? Do I have SO much book news that I fill every moment of every day talking about. Must everything I say be about writing? Frankly, I cannot believe that anyone wants to hear me say another word about the writing process. I am tired of listening to myself. (And that is never a good thing.)

So, today, I thought I'd give it a try. I'd open up and see if I could use this blog to stop and talk about something that has nothing to do with writing. Of course, I don't expect anyone to actually read it. It will be one of those blog posts that gets no attention. And that is fine too!

I have three children. They all have their needs. Their strengths and (gasp) weaknesses. They are, after all, human beings. Even if in my mind they are close to perfect.

My middle child is quite bright. (They all are.) When we are out of the house he is well behaved. An 'angel' another mother said after a play date. I've seen him with his friends and at school. I can see that he knows how to be kind, to be a good friend. In general, his teachers love him. He is four years old.

At home? Lately, he is in a perpetual state of trouble. Today, I have had to speak to him about being nice to his little brother so much I thought I might choke on the words. Feeling like being 'patient parent' I talked to all three of them (yes, the 2 year old too) and I told them we would have a 'start over.' That all problems of the day would be washed away and we would begin again. No one would be in trouble if they all just behaved from that moment on. Really, this is for the four year old's benefit. I do not want to be always punishing him when he is home. I understand that now that his brother is 2 and into all of his stuff, he is feeling territorial. I try and try to remind him how nicely his older brother has always treated him and encourage him to treat his younger brother in the same way.

Does it work? Ha! Ha, I say!

Not two seconds after I gave my speech about starting over and being good to one another, he was grabbing his brother my the cheeks to get what he wanted from him.

I'm glad that in writing I can make plots turn the way I want them to. Because in my real life I cannot seem to get a handle on any of it.

Best to all of you.


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  1. Oh, I should try that starting over with my 3 yo, although I don't think it would work with him either. That is why my writing is an escape. LOL