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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Snuggles in the early morning

My youngest son came into our room this morning before six am.  I find this sort of funny because its earlier than they get up during the week when we have to drag them out of bed.  I'll admit it, sometimes I roll over when they crawl into bed and groan but this morning I lifted up my blanket and he crawled underneath.

I hoped he would go back to sleep but that was a-no-go. Instead, he snuggled against me and quietly hummed and sang to himself while my husband slept on the other side of the bed.  It was still completely dark in the room.

Kissing his head, and petting him while he cuddled I felt so completely right in the world.  So what that I'm bound to be a little bit tired tonight?  So what that I've been taking antibiotic all week and could really use the rest?  If my chapter doesn't get written today because I woke up early to be embraced by my three year old, I am fine with that.

You see, he is growing up so fast.  They all are. When I look at my seven year old I see him not just as his beautiful, wonderful, seven year old self but also as the little boy who once sat in the center of the room so proud to be able to hold himself upright at six months old.

It went really really fast. For the most part, unless he is sick or something is wrong, my seven year old no longer crawls into bed with us. It's much less common for my five year old to do so either.  (Although he still gives that a try on occasion.) It all happened so fast.

How did my five year old become a reader? How did my seven year learn to do fractions? Over night. I blinked and they were so grown up. If my three year old wants to cuddle in the early morning then that is just fine with me.

I get to be mommy to him with no other thoughts, schedules, or requirements on me to distract from that.  Of course, now I'd like a nap.  Have a wonderful day. I hope it is filled with kisses and hugs!

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  1. A touching blog. You're such a good mom.

    Now back to reality:
    Clearly, you are coherent enough to write. This blog proves it. So get to work on that next chapters.

    Your impatient critter partner.