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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Better Blog Post

So, despite the fact my almost-two year old son got me up WAY too early today, thus prompting my complaining blog post about needing more sleep, I am having a really wonderful vacation. (Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me go back to bed for a little while this morning.)

My husband has taken off with my older two kids (wow, that sounds like he ran away when, in fact, we agreed he would do this) and gone to Disney World. It's only the almost-two year old and me hanging around my parents' place right now and we've been having a lovely time even though I am missing the hubby and the older two like crazy.

The picture above was taken Friday night at sunset. Beautiful, isn't it? Why is it that I only notice sunsets on vacations? The sun set sets every day and most of the time I am completely unaware of it other than a signal of things still needing to be done before the day is done or a sign that everyone needs to be fed.

On vacation, I'm like oooh and ahhh, the sun is setting.


  1. Which coast are you on? The sunsets are beautiful here in Florida.

  2. I'm on the gulf, by Sarasota. How about you?

  3. St. Petersburg... Ahhh an Author I love in Florida. Florida is almost always left out of book tour! Glad to have you here!

  4. Julia--I actually live in NJ. My parents are in Florida so I'm here a lot but I wish I lived here!