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Friday, August 19, 2011

The End of the Book Blues

Almsot every time I sit down to write a book, the same thing happens to me. I write and write at an enormously fast pace and then--splat--I approach the end of the book and my pace just falls off. I'm lucky if I can get two pages written before I have to take a break.

I don't know why this happens but I've come to think of it as my end of the book blues. That's where I am right now. I'm on vacation, I have all the help in the world with my kids, and time to write. So what am I doing? Not finishing the book, no. I have the end of the book blues.



  1. Ah! I am sorry Rebecca! But I know you will get it done!

  2. I am going through the exact same thing. I thought it was just me. I'm excited that my story is almost done (I can see the end), but I'm finding every excuse to procrastinate rather then write. It's not writer's block either. I just want to hold onto the fun for a bit longer until the work of edits begins.