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Saturday, August 27, 2011

They Say A Storms A'Comin...

Well, its Saturday. I know a lot of you have been hit already by Hurricane Irene. I hope your indoors, safe, and that your power is still on. I hope the storm passes fast leaving only the memory of a lot of rain and wind in your mind. Pushed away by the beautiful weather that is bound to follow it.

As for me, here in New Jersey, we are still waiting for the storm to begin. The clouds outside look somewhat ominous and the humidity has picked up the point that I feel like I'm living in New Orleans again instead of New Jersey.

Our little town tends to lose power if someone sneezes to hard so I am fully expecting a power outage to be here just as soon as the storm arrives. My son is off now at a lesson and I will pick him up shortly. Hubby fell back asleep upstairs and for now I'm leaving him alone. I have to go to the drug store and get wrapping paper for my middle son's birthday on Monday. He's turning four.

Even with the storm coming, the rest of our life continues.

Stay warm and safe.


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