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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Random Blog Post

As was just suggested to me on Twitter (thank you RJ), since I can't come up with a decent blog topic, I'm going to write something random today and hope its not too dumb.

Yesterday, I finished reading Lora Leigh's latest Breed book. It was really good, as all of her books are, and it occurred to me about 3/4 of the way through that this is her twenty-fourth book in that series. 24!! How does she manage it? How does Christine Feehan? She must always be working to continue the series, to progress the stories, to keep it interesting. I give her massive amounts of credit. I mean--twenty-four? How many new characters has she had to slip into earlier books so she can write their stories at some point? Sigh. I'm very impressed.

Then I started to think about my own series--The Westervelt Wolves--which made my brain go into Westervelt mode--and I dreamt of Rex's story last night, which is the next one for me to write. The only problem? I'm not writing it for at least two more books. So he's going to have to be patient.

Although I have no patience right now because it feels like my kids have been sick for a month!!

I guess that is for today, a little random thoughts from me on this Wednesday morning. Hope you are all well.


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