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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Should I read or should I Write?

That is my issue for today. I have the choice to continue to Beta read something for another author or to write my Chapter 12. The problem is that once I start Chapter 12, I won't do anything else until its finished, which means the Beta read would have to wait until I was done with 12, whenever that happens.

I think that I am going to finish reading the Beta read before I start 12 so I don't take months to read the Beta story I have sitting on my Desktop...


  1. That's what I am doing today. I am reading four books (I can read fast LOL) so I can do guest blog posts. After that I can jump into my WIP.


  2. I always have the same issue. I usually spend a certain amount of time doing reading before getting into my own work.

    Today I'm doing critiques.