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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take 6 Kids to the Statue of Liberty

I had pictures on my camera that I was going to share on my blog today but at first I couldn't find my USB cord and now I can't find my camera. Sigh. Oh well. So, Lady Liberty is posted above instead of my looking horrible smiling for the camera with my kids.

Hubby and I arrived home from vacation with our 3 kids (we'd been gone for 10 days) and two days later our very good friends who live in the Washington D.C. area arrived for three days to visit with us. We were very excited about them coming, we do get to see them every summer and its always a treat.

My children (all boys) are 6, almost 4, and almost 2. Their boys (3) are 6, 3, and 2. You can see why it works so well when we get together. Plus, we really like them. We've been friends since school and we were actually there when he proposed to her. Very cool stuff.

Anyway, my friend is a real 'go-go-go' person. Its amazing because she has the three kids and is currently pregnant with their 4th (a girl.) As a side note, seeing her pregnant with the 4th baby did not make me want to get pregnant. This is a change from the past when I would long for pregnancy and another baby. I think I am really over pregnancy now. Phew. On another side note, all of our kids are blonds. All of them. Its very funny to take them all out in public together. People stare. 6 blond boy children between the ages of almost 2 and 6 tearing around.

But I digress. My friend wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty. So we did. We took 6 children who are all 6 and under to the Statue of Liberty. It was really something. And ultimately we had a really good time, despite the chaos of the whole thing. The 6 year olds loved it. The others? Well, they were glad to be getting out of the house. My husband had to work and my friend and I started joking with her husband that people might think we were some kind of polygamist family since all the children were blond, could be related, and he was the only guy with us.

If my friend hadn't really wanted to do the trip, I probably wouldn't have done it. So I'm really glad she is who she is and that she likes to go-go-go. Its good for me. Oh, and I finished a chapter in my book that took two weeks to write. All in all, fun times. (For the record, we also took all the children to Time Square but I do that a lot. Its not as AHHH, what am I doing for me)

How are you?


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  1. You are very brave! Glad you were able to finish that chapter. Now, I must tackle mine. :)