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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Broadway

As anyone who follows my tweets or my blogs knows--I love to go to Broadway Shows. I'm very lucky because of my close vicinity to New York City we get to go to Broadway Show regularly. Saturday night, the hubby and I got to see Lysistrata Jones, which was still in previews. To say I enjoyed the show would be an understatement.

It is funny and happy. The cast has a an incredibly energy and they are clearly loving every minute of being on the stage.

What concerns me? New shows that are not made by the creators of South Park (I loved Book of Mormon) are not easy to sell on Broadway. It seems to me that people only want to watch Revivals. Please don't get me wrong--I love watching revivals. Anything Goes was awesome. But really? Don't we all want to experience new things too?

It is my hope that people will go see Lysistrata Jones and the other shows that are coming out for the first time. The shows that were not movies first or are not getting their fifth run on Broadway. Let's give new stuff a fair shot.

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