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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm back....

Did you all miss me? Where have I been?

Well, we had a snow storm a few days before Halloween. This is really unusual in my part of the country. Our snow usually comes a bit later in the season. I wasn't really worried. We're good with snow here. But, for some reason, this particular storm (and I've heard a lot of stories as to why this was...everything from leaves to sap freezing) broke the limbs off a lot of trees. The trees in turn took down the power lines. The power lines went down. Boom, no power for six days. But I'm lucky. Lots of others don't have it back on yet.

We went to my parents place, who had a generator. So we had heat and electricity but no cable since the storm also took out the cable.

But, I'm back now. Did ya miss me? LOL


  1. Glad your back and that you're all safe. Sorry to hear about your cat. *hugs*