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Monday, November 26, 2012

If You Have A Story To Tell

How many people do you know who have written half a book? They get a great idea for a story and they sit down to write it. Over the course of several weeks they write when they feel like it, here and there, until they are about half-way done with the book.  Or until they come to a sticking place.  Then they stop writing.

They get distracted. Life gets complicated. Years pass and they still have not finished the book.  Even when they go to sit down and read the book they can't even recognize what they've written as their own.

They never finish the book. They are forever half way through the book that they never finish.

When people tell me they have an idea for a book I'm always thrilled. The world needs really good stories. And more of them. But I remind them that if they have a story to tell, a really good one, they are obligated to tell the story. They can't tell half of it. They have to sit down, regularly, until they've finished the story.

Because, really, who wants to read half a book?

To those of you doing NaNoWrimo, I salute you. I've never done it and I'm so impressed.  Finish your stories!

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