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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Baby Needs Diapers And Other Things That Have Fallen Apart

I've been trying to reclaim what was 'normal' from my life before my father-in-law died. I'm not doing such a good job in this attempt. For example, the baby actually ran out of diapers. As far as I can remember, this is the first time this has happened since I had my first son in 2005. I am the mother of 3. I don't do things like forget to buy diapers.

Except that apparently now I do. I did run out and get diapers but still--how did I let that happen? How do I leave e-mails in my inbox and completely forget to send answers?

The good news in all of this? I have apparently gotten over my fear of flying. My father-in-law loved to fly. Among other things, he was a pilot. He really wanted me to like it more than I do. But, since he has passed away I have been on a ton of airplanes and not once have I had a problem.

I am hoping to get my task-oriented self back in order and keep my new 'fineness' with airplanes.

How are all of you?


  1. I have found a slew of organizing websites/ blogs that i have fallen in love with. I'm using ideas from them to slowly organize my otherwise unorganized home life. I'm starting to force the people at home to be task oriented, organizationlly motivated people. :)

  2. It takes time to get back into the "norm" after going through what you and your family have/are continuing to process. Give yourself a break and know its okay. You will get to the emails when necessary..nothing is an emergency and if it is they know your number ;-) Take deep breaths and know you have people thinking of and praying for you. On another note...great news about getting over your fear of flying!!

  3. SIL, I have not done A THING since I got back. Every night I fall asleep after kids in bed...IEP waiting, thank you don't knock yourself, at least you are blogging! I plan to try that again soon. Does this mean you will be flying out to Cali more often LOL? luv you.

  4. Jen--YES!! I was just saying to Ralph that we need to get a trip out to you guys on the calendar as soon as possible. This year is to late but in what month are your kids on Spring Break?

    Darea--thank you for the kind words and the prayers! Yes, I am so glad to be okay flying.

    Dodie--Don't send me the websites. LOL. They will only make me feel inadequate! LOL