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Monday, March 7, 2011

Having to Change my Work-in-Progress

Before the recent tragedy that rocked my world, I was working on a project I've tentatively called Embraced. It is the second book in a series called The Conditioned. The first book, Eye Contact, released last Friday and if you want information about that please see the blog post before this one.

Embraced is a dark Fantasy Romance that deals with a lot of issues outside of the core love story. I love it. I love working on.

But man-oh-man, its hard to write it right now. I couldn't get through it. It almost seemed like I could not write at all. Finally, one evening it occurred to me: it was better to write something than to write nothing at all.

In the back of my mind, always put off for another day, I've had this idea for a light, sexy fantasy romance that would be a little different for me. Suddenly, it seemed this idea had come to fruition. It was time to write it. Right now.

I think it was the correct decision. My muse is back in order. The ideas are flowing. And hopefully when I am done, my mind will be in such a place that a darker look at love will be an okay thing to do. Embraced will wait a few weeks for me. And in the mean time, I can make the words flow.

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  1. It is good to listen to the muse, sometimes light and sexy can be surprisingly real and healing--write on!