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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Morning Everyone

Last night was fun.

After suffering through a migraine most of the day, which I survived only because of a really good friend (Thank you Alice!) taking DS#1 to her house for the whole day and because of my 75 year old incredibly active grandmother (Thank you Nana) taking DS#2 to her house, the park, and Friendly's for the day. (And suffering a potty training mishap. Oy) and because my helper Cathy didn't mind keeping DS#3 all day. Needless to say, yesterday it didn't just take a village, it took a planet to survive.

But somewhere around 3:30 PM, my migraine subsided. (Boy did I have some weird, creepy dreams though...I could do a whole Something Freaky Friday based entirely on the dreams I had during my Migraine.)

DH had a conference call at 8 PM last night (boo) so I ended up going out with Nana and Popop (who has 10 years on Nana and still wants to go out to eat every night. LOL) and we went to a restaurant that I like, and they like, but my husband isn't crazy about. So it was a good excuse to go.

We ate outside, it was well in the 80s all night, and then came home. DH wasn't quite done with his call yet, so I watched, and he half-watched, the movie Funny People with Adam Sandler, which I'm pretty sure was panned by critics but I LOVED, even though I think Leslie Mann and Eric Bana kind of stole the movie.

I really enjoyed it. It was funny, but also hard to watch because of the poignancy of some of the parts. Maybe thats why the critics didn't like it. Maybe it hit them too close to home?

After that, I finished reading a really good book called "Marked" by Elizabeth Naughton, which has held me riveted for days. If you haven't read it, read it. Its a wild ride. The next one, Entwined, has just come out. But, I haven't read it yet although it's lined on on the Kindle.

Then it was off to bed for me. I have no idea what time DH finished up but it was after I went to bed. Remarkably, and for me its probably the lack of the headache, we're both feeling really chipper today.

Which is good because I am taking DS#1 Peach Picking with someone I met at Kindergarden Orientation (yes, he is starting, expect much sobbing from me in about 3 weeks.) so the kids can get to know each other.

I'm not much of a 'farm' person. I like to get my fruit in the store. So wish this city/suburbia girl luck on the Jersey farm today.


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