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Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuff that gives me the willies!!!

Alright, weird stuff happens to me all the time! Seriously, I could go on for hours…but I wouldn’t want to bore you or talk about myself that long. So, I’ll tell you the last one that happened.
While out one hot afternoon, I got thirty and wanted a nice cold Coca-Cola. I reached into my purse, disappointed that I only had $1.25 on me. Of course, the Coke cost $1.50, which only annoyed me. Seriously, a bottle of pop is $1.50 when it costs probably ten cents to make. Anyways, I’m off track here. So, out of curiosity, I put my $1.25 wondering if maybe one of them was cheaper. Hey, I had to try, I was friggin’ thirsty.
Not a big surprise that after I hit every button, no ice cold pop dropped down for me. Annoyed, I hit the little button to get my change back. As it clunk down into the little holder, it seemed to go on a little longer than I expected. So, I gathered the changed up and looked it. Counted it. Then, counted it again in shock.
Yup―the machine had given me an extra quarter. With the now, $1.50 I had, I put the money into the machine and got my yummy drink to quench my thirst!!
Strange right? Yeah, well stuff like that happens to me, so often it is honestly incredible. Do you all have peculiar this happen to you like that?


  1. Thats a cool story Stacey! I've never had that happen! I wish I had. LOL!

  2. My luck would be that when I hit the button to get my change back...the machine would have smacked me down!

  3. Things like that happen to me all the time too. One morning I was on my way out the door for work. I was irritated because I was broke and didn't have anything in the house to take for lunch. In a huff, I grabbed the wrong jacket, one I hadn't worn in a couple of seasons. When I put my hand in the pocket, I found $20. I was so happy.

    Or I would think, God I wish I had some hot wings. And my hubby waks in the door carying them. That happened last night.

    Now I just need to wish hard enough for the right lotery numbers. hehehe