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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Review of Simon's Fate

Hi There,

I thought I'd share with you today a great review I received of Simon's Fate my novel of the Strange Hollow that was released earlier this summer with Liquid Silver Books.

Shayna from Joyfully Reviewed wrote:

Moira is a Fate, one who grew weary of the games her sisters’ played with people’s lives. Now “retired,” Moira has found a home in Strange Hollow, a haven for the supernatural. Moira would love her new life, it if weren’t so lonely, and it’s hard for her to connect with anyone, for whenever she touches someone, she sees their fate. But fate has a little surprise in store for the lovely Fate. When Moira enters the basement of Strange Hollow’s Visitor’s Center, she finds a vampire hiding there. Moira’s immediately drawn to him, but can there be any kind of future for a former Fate and a blood-phobic vampire?

The impossible becomes possible and sweetness manages to heighten sensuality in Simon’s Fate. The world of Strange Hollow is enchanting, to say the least, Rebecca Royce captivated me with her delightful characters and fast-paced storytelling. Who can resist a vampire with a blood phobia? Not me, and apparently not Moira either. Simon’s devastatingly sexy, but he’s also endearingly – dare I say it? – adorable with his inability to stand the sight of blood. He and Moira make one heck of a couple and I raced through Simon’s Fate because I wanted to see this delightful pair get their happily ever after with one another.

I picked up Simon’s Fate not knowing it was part of the multi-author Strange Hollow series. Not having read any of the other Strange Hollow books, I can safely say that Simon’s Fate stands on its own. I loved the townspeople of Strange Hollow so much, however, that I will be picking up more Strange Hollow books as soon as possible.

She really made my day! Thank you Shayna!

Best to all of you


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