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Friday, October 8, 2010


There is this moment in Sex and The City, the first movie, where Big has hurt Carrie beyond recovery. She takes a look at herself in the mirror and you can see how haggard she looks. I was so impressed with Sarah Jessica Parker for allowing herself, as an actress, to look like this. Despite all protests to the contrary, I grew up working with actors and actresses, most of them don't want to look that exposed, that 'un-beautiful' on film.

In any case, we have been going through a lot lately--I blogged about some of it the other day--and last night I took a look in the mirror. ACK!! LOL. The dark circles in my eyes can probably be spotted from the moon.

I think I need a spa day although that is as likely as my winning the lottery.

Oh well. I'm going back to write and I'll be avoiding the mirrors for a while.


  1. Take a spa day you deserve it! Talk about un-beautiful, I watch kids for a living, work in our comic book store and sit at the computer for 10hrs a day writing. I have to remind my self to bath, LOL :) Life is just that busy for people now a days.

  2. I agree Keira! I get my kids bathed and fed. I'm lucky if I remember to. You work in a comic book store? I have to say, that is incredibly awesome. I'm such a comic book fiend!