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Thursday, October 7, 2010

He Stood Up

For those of you I haven't discussed this with, and I think honestly I've told maybe three people about it, my third son, who is 1 year old, didn't stand up by his first birthday. This is considered a milestone for children. They're supposed to do it by one year old.

So we started Physical Therapy, which has stressed me out a great deal because it made me feel somewhat panicked that it wouldn't work or that something else was really wrong--despite the fact that both my husband and my parents reassured me a hundred times that he was fine.

Now here we are three weeks later and he stood up! He did it last night and now this morning he's doing it like he's always been doing it.

During the last three weeks, I've been having a hard time writing because all of my focus has gone to him and trying to work with him and, frankly, fear didn't let anything else in.

But this morning I feel fantastic. I think I'm going to be able to write today!

He stood up!!


  1. I am so happy he did! But really I have noticed with some kids they just don't follow the chart we line out for them and it doesn't really mean anything is wrong. Some just do it when they are darn good and ready.
    But Yay for you both. I know we tend to stress out when our kids seem to not be doing ok. But now you should fell better.

  2. Thanks guys. I do feel better. Virginia, I know you're right but he's my 3rd child and I never faced this situation before. LOL. I thought I was an old hand at this stuff by now.

    Z--do you guys have milestones at your checkups like we do in the US? I wonder if they're the same timing.

  3. The mile stone sheet is also known as a denver developmental sheet.
    I hear you Rebecca my last out of five makes me rethink everyday on what I think I know. LOL. I tell you I am just waiting for him to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

  4. What we have here is a combination of French and British standards, with a soft load of old wives' wisdom thrown in. Up until recently, it was traditional midwives who handled birthing and the milestone followups.
    With doctors it is mostly about being in the centile chart (British method - we have the health card to track that)- height, weight, and head circumference. Basically as long as the line is progressing upwards, no need to worry. The French method is more about individuallity. Like, Adam was born at 2.7 kgs (quite small) so I worried about his weight but the doc always told me that if he's doubled his birth weight by this month it's okay, or if he's quadrupled it by 1 year it's good. See - it depends on the kid. Midwives also say to give the kid time to progress at his own pace.
    Actually, the walking bit. Adam never seemed to crawl, and he only took his first step at 13 months (all alone, I did try to get him into a baby walker earlier). Then it was some stumbling, and he was walking really at 15 months (but then there's been no stopping him, lol).
    But most new moms here now follow th French method, coz most of our baby and childhood rearing literature/manuals are from France and most paediatricians study in France.

  5. Z,
    That is so interesting!! Thank you for answering my question!

  6. That's fantastic news Rebecca! I'm so glad to see the stress has been somewhat relieved. *hugs*

  7. You're welcome! Lol, you know me - ask a q and I get long-winded! :)