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Monday, October 11, 2010

What were you like as a child?

The picture above is of my son at his most recent Soccer practice. You'll note he's not looking at his ball. This picture makes me laugh because I am told this is exactly what I was like as a child. If everyone was dancing. I was looking up at the ceiling. If everyone was chasing a ball, I was looking at the clouds.

In my 5 year-old's case, it seems he likes to look at the grass, even tasting it at Little League last Spring.

It can be hard because I want to yell at him to focus, to pay attention, because life can be hard when you're young and your head is in the clouds. I know from personal experience. But, I also think that as an adult a lot of what made me a tough child makes me an interesting adult. I think that while we discourage creativity in favor of focus in young children we strive for it as adults.

So I'm trying to leave him alone and let him be himself. Although sometimes I do find myself telling him he has to do a better job of paying attention. Like my son, I am a work in progress.

How about all of you? What were you like as children?


  1. I was a sweet, adorable, biddable child. Pay no attention to the stories that my parents & brother tell.

    Okay, so I was often mistaken for a boy until after I hit double digit age. Mom had to lie to me to get me to wear a dress; unless it was a Halloween costume. And I often forgot to put on play clothes before hitting the red clay and pine sap in backyard.

    There was only 1 other child close to me in age, so I played by myself a lot. I told stories about my dolls; involving jungles and undersea cities, not weddings or malls. I learned to entertain myself, but I still wished for other kids nearby.

  2. I was exactly the same way. My barbies went through amazing adventures! Mostly spy stories. Not weddings or malls either and I was an only child until I was almost 7. Entertained myself but wanted others. So interesting!

  3. Haha. My Barbies went off to be business women. I wanted to be the boss and have a big office and tell people what to do. I gave my Barbies edgy hair cuts and designed clothes for them to wear.

    Even at a young age I took care of my sisters so grew up very fast. Was always too old for my age and knew too much for my own good.

  4. Thats so sent them off to be the boss. I love it! I wonder if anyone actually had their barbies getting married?

  5. I was quiet and often stayed to myself. I played alone in my room. I was terribly shy and introverted. My dad left when I was in kindergarten and that made me even more quiet and pulled in on myself. I didn't make friends easy, I was always staring off into space.

    I was almost 10 when my sister was born and I spent every school holiday babysitting. I learned to cook when I was 9. Had a job at 14. And when I wasn't working or in school, I was doing housework, homework, taking care of my sister. Like Paranormal Queen, I grew up very fast, was always more mature for my age than others, and I knew way way way too much for my own good.


  6. Lissa-

    My goodness, you did have to grow up fast. Thank you so much for sharing your story!! I can't cook now so the fact that you had to do it an nine is AMAZING! I didn't make friends easily either. I think it might be a trend for writers, which is why we spend so much time in our heads. Maybe. I don't know. LOL

  7. I had an imaginary friend name Madame Geneensy. 'nuff said :)

  8. Jen--I have actually heard of your imaginary friend. He is famous with your siblings I think! I thought I played with Olivia Newton John!