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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Saturday Night--Lots of Pictures

I think that sometimes it is nice to be a tourist in your own area. We don't do it enough because we get really busy. But last Saturday night we were able to go have dinner with dear friends, Roy and Meaghan, and then walk around New York City for a while seeing all the Holiday stuff that the tourists come to NYC to see but the locals, because of the traffic and crowds, often stay away from. I tried to take pictures of the whole thing. It was really, really cold and I took most of the pictures as we walked around so they're not all wonderful. Also, I'd like to thank Roy and Meaghan for being such good sports with my camera antics! (captions are below the pictures and Blogger gave me a hard time so the order is all over the place.) And just in case you've never been to NYC, these places are not all next door to one another. They're not huge distances but we walked quite a bit in the cold night air. It was really fun.

I couldn't stop thinking of the song from the musical Annie with the lyrics: "Until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!"

The tree at Rockefeller Plaza

Our friends, Roy and Meaghan, in front of the tree

Ralph and I in front of the tree

A shot of the tree as we approached it.

I thought this was awesome. They built a Kate Spade bubble store outside of Bryant Park. I do love Kate Spade...It was very hot inside.

A shot of Bryant Park

A good picture of the tree at Bryant Park

The tree and the fountain at Bryant Park. There is also an ice skating rink I didn't get a good shot of because of the crowd.

The front of Macy's!

This is the view when you come out of Macy's on 34th street. I just love NYC in the winter (well all year) so I took this shot.

People were driving around giving away Chanukah candles and celebrating the holiday. Above is the Mitzvah Mobile.

Inside of Macy's, which was so dressed up for the holiday. It was 10 PM at night and the store was packed and beautiful.

Roy and Meaghan being really good sports when I insisted on taking all these photos!

The Macy's sign!

This is Ralph (my DH) and myself in front of the windows at Macys on 34th. This year the windows, which were all AMAZING (they moved and changed), depicted the movie Miracle on 34th Street. We loved looking at them.

Again, Ralph and I in front of one of the windows.

Is there a Santa Claus? And then the words keep changing. It was really cool.

This was the the scene of what Macy's looked like as we approached.

This is the madness of Time Square around the Holidays

So that was my saturday night and why New York City features so frequently in my writing.



  1. Very lovely! It helped get me in the Christmas mood.

  2. Nice! I love New York...but in the summertime! I went to Times Square once for NY's, it wasn't too cold that year, and there were so many people you really, I mean REALLY, couldn't move. That was an experience I won't forget!

    Great shots, Rebecca.