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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Chance--Release Day!!

Hi everyone!!

So excited to report that Another Chance has released! For more information or to purchase it, please go here.

Patrick O’Callaghan is a vampire grappling with the fate that has been laid out for him. Turned into a vampire during World War II, he lived for many years as a crazed monster searching only for blood and dishing out death. That is until he is approached to join a unique unit of the United States military, a special operations division made up of vampires looking for a second chance, for a way to redeem the horrors they have caused by serving God and Country. The only catch? He had to give up human blood.

Jennifer DeMarco is a hard-nosed reporter and the daughter of an Admiral in the United States Navy. When she goes missing, kidnapped by terrorists she hoped to interview, Patrick’s unit is sent out to rescue her and then remove her memory of the events, making it like they never happened.

Things go awry when Patrick responds sexually to Jennifer, something that hasn’t happened since he was made a vampire. New truths are unveiled to Patrick-things he never thought he either could or should have as a creature of the undead, and Jennifer’s life continues to be in danger.

When disaster strikes, the two will discover that there are second chances if only you’re willing to take them.

And an Excerpt

Jennifer had cried herself nearly asleep, which was the absolute last thing she’d wanted to do. Of course it didn’t really matter. It might actually be better to be unconscious when the time came for her to be raped and murdered. Oh God, why hadn’t she just listened to her father and stuck to a desk job? Why did she have to prove something to everyone by becoming a hardnosed investigative reporter? Ha. She actually laughed. She wasn’t acting at all hardnosed at the moment.

Jerking back, she jumped when she thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Straining to turn around, she decided she had to be crazy. The room was pitch black. There was no way she could see anything moving around. Even if there was something in there with her, it was most likely something she wouldn’t want to see, like a rat.

She grimaced at the thought. There was nothing she hated more than rodents, which was funny considering that she was about to be beheaded with the video posted on the Internet for her family to watch. In the world she lived in, there should be a lot more to dislike than one small rodent.

“Don’t move.” A voice spoke from behind her, and she started before she could help herself. No one could have gotten in here. Was she hallucinating?

“I’m real and, no, I can’t read minds. People tend to think they’re hallucinating when I appear.”

Jennifer couldn’t be sure, but she thought she heard amusement in the stranger’s voice. Truthfully, that was sort of comforting in an odd way. If he could be funny then maybe her straits were not as dire as she’d feared. That was, of course, assuming that he was actually there to rescue her, which he had not said.

“I’m going to take off this gag and you are still not going to make any noise, do you understand me, J.L.?”

He’d called her J.L. For some reason that didn’t sit well with her. Usually, she preferred it. Jennifer was the name her parents had given her. J.L. she had invented herself. However, from this man it didn’t sound right. Since she couldn’t see him, all she had to go by was the intonations and accent on his carefully chosen words.

There was no question, he had a thick Brooklyn accent. It couldn’t be mistaken, and she hadn’t heard anything like it in years. Everyone she knew spent so much time trying to hide their origins, to sound so completely unidentifiable in order to gain respectability. It had been a long time since she’d heard such a completely unabashed representation of where someone was from.

She didn’t know a thing about him and already she was anxious to get a look at this person whose very presence in the room intrigued and terrified her.

True to his word, he sliced the gag from her mouth. Her tongue felt heavy and she was horrified to hear herself pant. She’d had no idea she was in such bad shape.

“I’m going to undo your wrists and your ankles. As soon as I have, you’re going to wrap your arms around my neck. Do you understand? Nod, if you do.”


  1. Congrats! Looking forward to reading this! :)

  2. Congrats - just downloaded and will start to read after dinner! :-)

  3. Its a very good story! I like the fact that its a different world then you usually do. Are you thinking about going into that world again?

  4. Carrie Ann--
    I think this was a one time thing. But, with me you never know. RIght now, I have no plans to revisit it. But I'm so excited you liked it!! Thank you for reading it!!