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Friday, June 3, 2011

Released--One Night With A Wolf

Hey everyone,
I am very pleased to announce that my 1NS book One Night With A Wolf has released!! Its a very hot, werewolf story and I hope you'll check it out!

Joseph Penn is a Werewolf who has come to New York City to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Having been turned against his will years earlier in a violent attack, he spends as little time as possible away from his secluded home. Sitting in the bar, waiting for his sister, he’s shocked when he receives an unexpected text from his old friend, Madame Evangeline, the owner of the exclusive dating service, 1Night Stand, telling him he’s being set up with a woman in that very bar.

Kaylee Post has lost her boyfriend, her job, and her self-confidence. Intending to celebrate her friend’s birthday at the Manhattan restaurant, she never expects instead to have a one-night stand with a wolf who will change her life in ways she can’t yet imagine.

Genre: Paranormal romance, contemporary, erotic romance

Heat level: 4

Cover art by Dara England


He ran a hand through his brown hair as he considered Eve’s last text. He knew the woman made a very nice living setting people up. People signed up online using some kind of questionnaire. So why Eve wasted her time with him when he so clearly wanted to be left alone went beyond his understanding.

The girl on the stool—Kaylee—fiddled with the straw in her multi-colored drink. Could he leave her there and not tell her that no one would show up? He sighed. Of course he couldn’t. He might have been changed, against his will, to a werewolf who shifted into a canine every time a full moon showed up, but he hadn’t lost all the manners his mother had once instilled in him.

As he walked slowly toward the woman, he took a deep breath. Outside of his cabin in the woods, he very rarely allowed himself to use his wolf senses. Tempting fate courted danger, especially since for years after his initial bad-luck-bite he’d occasionally lose control of himself and end up growling or pawing at some unsuspecting stranger.

These days he handled the urges but still….

On some primal level, Kaylee Post called to him. He had to give Eve credit for getting the physical attraction part down. He’d liked blondes before he’d been bit. Especially ones who had sad violet eyes and pouty, kissable lips. Wow. Yeah.

As he leaned on the bar, he tried to smile in a way that wouldn’t alarm her. Kaylee caught her breath as he approached. Regular humans might not hear the small intake he’d noticed, but increased sensitivity to sound came with the wolf-bite.


A slight red hue covered her cheekbones and stained her pale skin. What did that mean? Sickness? Then it struck him and he felt like an idiot. She blushed. He’d come over and his presence had made her blush. To his recollection, that had never happened before. Women didn’t react that strongly when they first met him.

“Hello.” Her voice sounded lower than he’d expected. Not too deep, but sexy and sultry in a way he knew would stick with him later.

“My name is Joseph Penn. I think we have something in common.”

Her violet eyes flared to life with an unknown emotion and it relieved him to see she didn’t seem sad when she spoke to him. “What would that be, Joseph? Or do people call you Joe?”

He shrugged. “Either, or.”

“Alright, Joe. What do we have in common?”

Now his cheeks burned. Maybe because her violet eyes seemed to pierce right into his soul, or perhaps it had been a really long time since he’d had sex, but Kaylee Post turned him on. In a major way.

“Well, um…” Okay, get the stammering under control. “We’ve both been stood up by my sister.”