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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The New Planet They've Found

The new planet they've found that they claim may be able to support life has made my Science Fiction brain go haywire.

Do you think there is life there?


  1. Yes, of course. How arrogant we would be to think we're the only life in the Universe. And what's more, chances are other life is more intelligent than we are. As a collective, we should strive to recognize we are not alone.

  2. I believe there is life somewhere on other planets but I'm not sure I believe in our ability to locate one yet.

  3. There's defnitely life SOMEWHERE out there. Maybe on that planet, maybe not. It'll be interesting to see what happens...

  4. I agree guys, I think there is life out there.

  5. Logically there is life other than on this planet.
    Intelligent though?
    The fact they have ignored us is the surest sign of that intelligence.
    Can you imagine aliens looking at us & going: "Let's contact those insane beings which continually slaughter & prey upon each other".

  6. Rob--
    OMG, good point. It shows a distinct amount of IQ.